Sydney’s Best Chicken Wings

By Sarah Hilton
2nd Feb 2018

sydneys best chicken wings

*Warning - Explicit Content for all Veggies and Vegans* 

Welcome all chicken lovers. Whether you like your wings Cajun style, teriyaki-ed, hot & spicy, honey-glazed, buffalo, peri-peri or BBQ, you won’t be disappointed with the strong wing game Sydney has to offer. 

So don’t just ‘wing it’ when it comes to your chicken wings, be sure to check out only Sydney’s best wing restaurants! 


Surry Hills & Parramatta

OK so we’re not even going to try and hide it, Butter is definitely one of our all-time fave chicken spots. Their wings are moorish so get ready to unbutton your pants and dive right in with this one. Their sauce intensities range from naked to hot AF and each chicken dish is paired with a side of slaw or pickles—just ask for both, okay. Their tender pieces of chickeny heaven will surely lull you into a state of euphoria that’ll luckily have you forgetting about the #calories. You can thank us later.


Surry Hills

Now get ready to turn the page in your go-to-chicken-wing-Bible and read up on Surry Hills’ cool kid on the block—4fourteen. Serving up a bustling atmosphere alongside hearty and innovative food you simply MUST give this one a go. And what’s on the menu? Feast your eyes (and mouths, of course) on their chicken wing tortilla served up with a side of parfait. It’s noice, it’s different, it’s unusual and we love it. 

Harts Pub

The Rocks

If the old school classics are more your thing then you can’t go wrong with Harts Pub, set in Sydney’s historic hub: The Rocks (I think we all remember our high school history excursions here). With buffalo chicken wings on offer and a choice of Frank’s hot sauce, house BBQ or sweet, soy, sesame and maple glaze, Harts Pub really puts some heart back into the wing scene. But seriously this one-stop-chicken-shop is the perfect venue to get a whole lot of food in your tum before a night out (‘cause you’ll need a drink to wash down that sticky chicken goodness—just sayin’). 

Soda Factory

Surry Hills

If you’re still not feeling accustomed to the true artistry that is chicken wing eating—The Soda  Factory is ready to give you an education like no other. Their kick arse hot buffalo wings are, well exactly what their name suggests, kick arse. We’re talking five baked spicy chicken wings served with blue cheese dipping sauce and celery sticks worth an A+ grade for sure. And don’t worry, we promise the celery makes it healthy. 

Belly Bao


OK so we’re not going to lie, we practically screamed when we saw this one on the menu. Belly Bao is now serving wings in true bao’ey goodness. Get this: they brine their chicken for 24 hours then batter and fry it in their special BBC Asian spice mix #froth. You can be original and get their original flavour (duh) or branch out and add some sticky, spicy, Japanese curry or salted egg sauce. If deciding is not really your thing (same here) order em’ all at once or come back another day—trust us you’ll want to do this.


Paper Bird

Potts Point

Paper Bird in Potts Point is another awesome addition to your to-do/eat list if you’re looking to add a little class to your chicken craving. With shrimp-brined fried chicken wings soaked in soy and syrup up for grabs, you’ll forget your table manners and will be licking your sticky fingers in no time #nojudgement. Oh, and we almost forgot the best part—yep, you can have wings for breakfast too. Paper Bird has heard our prayers (and hangover cravings) by serving up their chicken wings in the wee hours of the morning alongside delish sausage, gravy and biscuits—goodbye last night’s regrets and helloooo chicken baby.

Papa Do’s Chicken


Cabramatta: the chicken revolution is here. Papa Do’s Chicken is offering you the perfect blend of soul food with the finesse of the area’s Asian culture. This delicious and inventive menu has something for all tastes but really, you can’t beat the fried chicken. It’s what you came for, so dig in. With their Rick & Morty Szechuan sauce on offer, prepare to be amazed by how they perfectly blend crispiness with juiciness that’s finger licking good.

Hughes Barbecue


The meat specialists at Hughes Barbecue are also worth keeping an eye on and they’re ready to deliver on every one of your chicken-related desires (vegans do not avert your eyes yet—we have something for you too!). Serving up juicy wings, Hughes also offers the chance to spice up your dish with adventurous flavours like a side of kimchi, barbequed crocodile or even a vegan smoker (told you we had your back).



Known for their fine poultry and liquor, how could we not include Whirlybird in this go-to chicken list? For something a bit different but still delivering on the old school chicken goodness, try their Seoul wings with chilli caramel, pickled radish, lime and sesame seeds. This sweet but savoury creation will have you so mesmerized, you won’t even notice all the juices dripping down your hands—don’t worry it’s all part of the experience and nobody is judging you.

Wings X Tins


These guys might be new on the chicken scene but ooooh boy, they’re nailing it. These wing masters have an entire section of their menu dedicated to our one true love—chicken wings. From whisky and maple to lemon, pepper and butter, and even salt and pepper-flavoured wings, nobody gets left behind. For the adventurous ones, they’ve also got some wings so hot they’ve had to include a warning in the menu—so keep your eyes peeled. Can’t quite decide? Order their Russian Roulette and let fate decide (BTW someone will get stuck with that spicy wing we mentioned earlier).

chicken wing sydney

The Norfolk Hotel

Surry Hills

If you are feeling particularly ravenous and have no fear of calories, large portions, or that option for extra-large fries, The Norfolk will definitely have no trouble in fulfilling your big appetite. A truly eclectic and laid back style restaurant, you will feel right at home (you can bring your kids and dog along too) while you feast on the delicious Mexican hot chicken wings sizzled in spicy BBQ sauce or their $15 wings and waffles on Thursdays, served with a side of franks sauce, celery and ranch. It’s classic chicken wing goodness and quite frankly we can’t get enough of it.

Bat And Ball


Do you want awesome food, awesome music, awesome drinks, and most importantly awesome chicken wings? Then Bat and Ball is your answer. The pub’s perfectly relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff are great accompaniments to have alongside your chicken wings. It is so simple; you have a choice between either hot wings or mild wings (even though we highly recommend that you just get both because YOLO) and both are served with a side of creamy ranch sauce. Beautiful. 

Bavarian Bier Cafe


Perfectly situated in the heart of the CBD, Bavarian Bier will help satisfy those chicken wing cravings that we all know you have during your work lunch breaks. It is clear that Bavarian Bier Cafe is a firm advocate of getting saucy, as their wings come with three different house made sauces that perfectly compliment their Crafty Bavarian Brewing Co. beer. With the choice of a mild BBQ, a medium Buffalo, or a spicy Diablo, everybody will be pleased with the selection of chicken wings they have to offer. Oh and did we mention the sides? This dish not only serves up half a kilo of wings but also blue cheese dipping sauce, celery and carrot sticks #yum.

Old Jim Kee


Take your taste buds on an exotic trip to Malaysia by checking out the authentic Malaysian menu at Old Jim Kee on Spice Alley. Here you can taste their mouthwatering stir-fry dishes, deep-fried delights, and let’s not forget their delicious salt and pepper chicken wings which are a god damn bargain.

Belle's Hot Chicken

Barangaroo + Forest Lodge 

At the Western-inspired Belle’s Hot Chicken, you are free to create your very own style of chicken wings that suit your taste buds. With a large variety of sauces including the Mississippi Comeback and Peach BBQ, sides, extras and a range of heats from ‘Southern’ to ‘Really F*ckin Hot’, you can construct a chicken wing feast that is perfect for you and all of your mates.


Thirsty Bird

Potts Point 

Wingssss glorious wingssss! Thirsty Bird specialises in serving fresh, succulent, juicy and crispy chicken that has been blended with salt, spices, garlic and herbs, dipped in a buttermilk bath and served with a variety of sides. Whether you want Buffalo wings or BBQ wings, each comes with a vast range of sauces, from ranch to chilli aioli, blue cheese sauce to hot cheese sauce, they’ll all compliment your delicious chicken wing experience nicely and have you licking those fingers. 

The Hayberry

Crows Nest 

Sticky BBQ or spicy buffalo? The choice at The Hayberry can be a tough one. The spicy buffalo comes with ranch or blue cheese sauce, which is always delicious and we love a choice of sauces. But sticky BBQ is sweet, savoury, sticky and delicious, how could we resist?! P.S. swing by on Thursdays and grab some wings for a measly $1—that’s it, this place is now impossible to resist.

The Wanderer

Surry Hills

The Wanderer is the perfect place to head for a post-work wing session. Their smoked chipotle chicken wings come with sour cream and lime and are all kind of delicious. Stopping at one plate is almost impossible, trust us.

Stuffed Beaver


The Stuffed Beaver in Bondi is the holy grail of all delicious Canadian delicacies in Sydney, especially wings. There are three different types to choose from, or, if you’re like us, get them all and have a full on wing feast! Tom’s hot wings are infamous with The Beaver and served with ranch dressing, Beaver BBQ Wings are smothered in house Beaver BBQ sauce and the Teriyaki Hawaiian are deliciously tropical morsels.

Meanwhile, these are Sydney's best Vietnamese restaurants. 

Image credit: Belle's Hot Chicken | Supplied, Wings & Tins + Belly Bao | Caitlin Hicks

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