The Best Places To Do Water Sports In Sydney

By Jessica Best
20th Nov 2016

best places to do water sports in sydney

Summer in Sydney is fast approaching. This year we think it’s about time you do something other than make like a lobster on the beach, and instead get amongst it. 

We all know that it isn't an Aussie summer unless you're getting wet. So grab your crew, because these are the best things to do on the water in Sydney.

Warning: Epic summer adventures below.

Lets Go Surfing 

Bondi Beach

Let’s be honest. You tried to surf years ago, failed, and walked away with the eternal shame of an embarrassing nose-dive and you decided there and then that you’d be the standard beach-goer; one towel, one tube of sunscreen. We feel you. But the pity party ends now because whether you’re a keen novice, beginner or absolute beginner with a tainted surf history, these guys are churning out awesome surfing lessons on the daily this summer (they’ve also won a heap of awards).

Stand Up Paddle Boarding 


Location. Location. Location. If there’s a place you need to SUP in Sydney, it’s in the harbour north by Manly Wharf. The team behind the Manly Kayak Centre have certainly hit upon something good, giving you the chance to rent a paddleboard and idle around moored yachts or explore hidden coves. Grab your squad because we all know the best part of SUP is watching your friends stack it. And don’t worry, if you’re not a natural when it comes to anything with balance (damn you athletic people), you can always book in a lesson.

Harbour Jet 

Darling Harbour

Keen for a fast and furious adventure on the water? This is probably the only chance you’re going to get to be reckless and live to tell the tale. Prepare for the ultimate ride of your life with boating manoeuvres of 270 degree spins, power-break stops, fish tails and a whole lot of splash in the middle of the harbour with a stereo system so good it puts all music festivals to shame. Rides go for 35 or 50 minutes and you can find these guys down at King Street Wharf 9.



If speed rides aren’t really up your alley and you’re more of a smooth sailor, the crew at Sydney Harbour Kayaks have an epic experience for you. Buddy-up for kayak lessons and get ready to cruise around the harbour waters in double sea-kayaks with the backdrop of North Shore waterfronts. You can even opt for a group kayak tour to remote bushland for a picnic-style morning feast!



So you may know Sydney like the back of your hand… but have you ever seen it from above? We’ve all seen our glorious city from the ground, we’ve trudged its streets to find the greatest coffee or tastiest slice of pizza but we think it’s about time we took our shoes off and relaxed a bit. Possibly a few hundred feet above sea-level. We’re talking parasailing. You can find these guys at Manly Wharf and have the option of getting wet or staying dry (but if you don’t get dunked, did you even parasail?). And if you’re scared of heights that’s no biggie- it’s tandem parasailing for a reason- so you can squeeze the life out of your best friend’s hand the entire ride.



Ok Sydney. It’s time to defy gravity. You know you want to. Literally inspired by James Bond, the jetpack should be number one on your list of things to do this summer. Make your way to the Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith to strap yourself in and blast yourself out of the water (using your hand controls) for the true Hollywood experience


Locations all over Sydney

So snorkelling is great and all but it’s time we (that’s you too) stepped it up a notch. Giving you the complete run-down on how to scuba, the crew at ProDive give you the best pool training and a number of ocean training dives across Sydney including Coogee, Cronulla and Manly. Plus, by the end of it, you get an open water certification allowing you to dive anywhere in the world. Sign. Us. Up.

If you're looking for more things to do in Sydney check these out.

Image credit: Jackielyn Powell

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