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This Is What Happens When You Combine A Brownie And A Cookie

By Kate Symons
21st Dec 2015

We’ve gone mad for macarons, crazy for cronuts and mental for monstrous milkshakes but Sydney, we think we’ve found your next sweet addiction—the Brookie.

The Brookie officially hit town in November via Sydney’s Experimental Creative Catering and is already creating chocolatey waves. And it’s no wonder. The Brookie is a brownie/cookie hybrid (and you know we all seem to go a little nuts for hybrid foods). Or, to put it another way, the Brookie combines two delicious things to make one super delicious thing.

The sweet treat is an American creation but this Aussie version has an identity of its own. Rather than stacking the two desserts, the Brookie by Experimental is a genuine fusion of chewy cookie goodness and rich chocolate fudge brownie.

It is also gluten free and, given it is handmade with dark Belgian chocolate, free-range eggs, organic quinoa flour and organic coconut oil, it is a healthier alternative to the usual treats you’d find till-side at your local cafe.

Plus, it’s scrumptious.

We have proof. Well, I mean, we did have proof. Then we ate the proof. But further proof can be found at a number of fab places around town including Harry’s Bondi, the North Bondi farmers’ markets, Paramount Coffee Project in Surry Hills, Sensory Lab in Bondi, Surry Hills’ Brooklyn Hide, Circular Quay’s Ground Control café and Marlowe’s Way in the CBD.      

Experimental executive chef Gerald Touchard is the man behind the Brookie. He says the product was borne out of his love for coffee and commitment to creating unique food experiences.

“I am passionate about coffee and I wanted to create something different, something made with quality ingredients that would go perfectly with coffee,” he says.

Well, actually, Gerald is French so what he really says is: “I em pashonette abowt cofeee end I wanterd to creeate somsing dfferrent, somsing med wiss qualitee ingedients zat wood go pairfektly wiss cofeee.”

Cue swoon.

Gerald adds: “Coming from the fine dining experience, I wanted to create something that looked familiar to people but that caused a big reaction when they tried it. I love to see the reaction of people when they eat it in front of us at the market. 

“People are clearly enjoying the Brookie. It’s awesome.”
The Brookie by Experimental comes in two sizes. I suppose one might call those sizes regular and small. The little guy exists for those times you could really use a sweet hit but don’t want to commit to an entire cookie. This has never happened to me but Gerald insists it is a cookie conundrum many people face.

Plans to expand the flavour range are in the pipeline. Watch this space.

For a full list of stockists, click here.

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Image credit: Experimental Creative Catering

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