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This Dog-Friendly Hotel Serves Croissant French Toast

By Ange Law
12th Dec 2017

dog hotel sydney

If you thought a dog-friendly hotel was perfect enough exactly the way it is—wellllll, you're wrong. A beautiful, luxe boutique hotel in Sydney has just upped their puppy-loving game with their menu, and FYI we’re talking about human food, not dog food. 

Once you’re done spending a seriously lush night at The Hughenden with your pooch, head down to their newly opened restaurant, 14 Queen, for one of the best damn breakfasts of your life. Seriously, how can it be anything less than a big fat YES when you’ll be chowing down on French toast made with a croissant? We’ll let that sink in for a minute. Croissant French toast! Now, we know you don’t need any more convincing. 

Find out more about the hotel (aka our new favourite place ever) here

Meanwhile, another Sydney hotel just scored a pool bar. 

Image credit: Unsplash

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