Tokyo Laundry | The Verdict

By Ange Law
3rd May 2017


A new addition to the Japanese Restaurant scene in Sydney, Tokyo Laundry nails the classics, while putting their own modern spin on every dish that comes over the pass. Here at The Urban List, we firmly believe that a great Japanese feast should start with sashimi and end with a delicious dessert that slightly confuses us, with a lot of sake in between. That’s exactly what we got here, people.


Each dish is beautiful, from the plates that they’re served on to the food itself, arranged like a little piece of artwork that’s almost too pretty to eat. Spoiler: we ate it anyway. We went all out, starting with the osashimi tokusen moriawase, which is an 18-piece platter with all of our favourite things—salmon, kingfish, tuna, snapper, scampi, scallop AND cuttlefish. We know. 

Next we moved on to the deep fried eggplant which was slathered in the miso paste of our dreams and slightly charred to seal the deal. All the while, we munched on our spicy edamame—because edamame = life. Other honourable mentions include the buta chashu bao sliders and it doesn’t really matter whether you opt for the tofu bao, or the pork belly bao, because you’ll be served two pieces and they’ll both be perfection.

If you come hungry, then order the confit wagyu beef steak with roppongi sauce, the sushi and sashimi platter (with nigari sushi, baby sushi rolls and more sahimi), and a cheeky grilled corn with miso butter and parmesan cheese. 


If you head to Tokyo Laundry mid-week, you’ll notice an eclectic mix of business meetings, long lunches and plenty of wine flowing—the buttery chardonnay is always a good choice, just saying. We’ll go ahead and assume that you’re in the long lunch camp, because that’s exactly how we decided to tackle the menu, with absolutely no rush to return to the office.

Settle in and take your time at Tokyo Laundry—you won’t want to miss a single bite of this one. 


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Image credit: Tokyo Laundry

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