Tokyo’s Famous Burnt Miso Ramen Is Headed Our Way

By Jessica Best
9th Nov 2017

You would have previously known this joint as Salaryman on the tasty trail of Albion Street, but fear not Sydney, the foodie game here just got bigger and better. Tokyo Gogy is coming all the way from Tokyo (duh) to feed your hungry bellies because burnt miso ramen is always a “gogyo” (we’re not even sorry).

This gem of a place has already been a major hit in Japan and Hong Kong and we guarantee you’ll be all over the delicious goods on offer here where smoky miso ramen is well on the cards. In case you’re wondering, they make this by smoking the hell out of a chicken-based broth and top it all off with a soft flavoured egg and all the usual suspects. 

Yep, the menu will be one helluva hot time which means buttery broths and beverages all get the flaming treatment. Oh yeah, they take it verrrryyy seriously.  

And just to add to this delicious chaos you’ll still find some OG beers, sakes and cocktails on offer. You know it’ll go down well with that burnt miso ramen we mentioned earlier. Can you tell we’re excited about it?

Word on the street is this guy will be opening on Albion Street in December and you better believe we’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, make your way through our favourite ramen spots in Sydney. 

Image credit: Louise Coghill

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