Waterman’s Lobster Co. To Open In Sydney

By Lucy Cook - 29 May 2015

Image credit: Waterman's Lobster Co.

Lobster lovers get ready, this article may excite you a little. We have been pretty pleased about Sydney’s whole obsession with the lobster roll of late, and if you feel the same way, we know you’re going to love new Sydney restaurant Waterman’s Lobster Co’s lobster rolls a whoooole lot. 

Matt Swieboda (owner and operator of Love Tilly Devine), Tristan Blair, Nate Hatwell (ex-Love Tilly Devine), and bar manager Alex Carter are bringing the much-loved American-style lobster roll to Potts Point, with a focus on seafood, wine, and, well… More seafood.

The boys mean business when it comes to their lobster rolls. Ensuring they are authentic with “no added nonsense”, all you have to do is rock up, order a drink and choose between the Connecticut style with warm butter or Maine style with mayo and celery (for research sake, we think you may need to try both). There is also a focus on using fresh produce to create the best food possible with prawns, Balmain bugs, oysters and swimmer crabs all getting a spot on the menu. Matt says, “Waterman’s is not the first place in Australia to offer lobster rolls, or Maine lobster, or even Maine lobster rolls, but we think it may just be the best—and the best value.”

There will also be a full selection of drinks and cocktails, inspired by East Coast America, as well as Australian and American beer and a selection of wines on tap, which will be mostly local. Chardonnay is a favourite here (which pleases some of us Urban Listers) due to its ability to match perfectly with the sweetness of the lobster. Our tip? Even if the thought of chardonnay makes you feel mildly uncomfortable, we say give it a go—you might just find a new friend in this varietal.

Waterman’s Lobster Co. opens on Tuesday 9th June, so get those bellies ready—it’s (almost) lobster roll time, people!

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