13 Things To Do In Sydney When You’re Hungover AF

By Anna May
6th Dec 2016

things to do in sydney

Is it that time of year already? The time when every other night starts with a whisper of “just one cheeky beer?” and ends with a slur of “whyyyy did you dump me in 2010?!” The time when countless canapes and bottomless bubbles maketh a sore head, and a dry mouth? Apparently so. But worry not, friend, this year I am advising you to do something a little different: embrace it. 

The holiday season is wrought with good times galore; Christmas parties, sausage sizzles, the occasional game of Goon of Fortune. And because we at The Urban List would never encourage you to call it early, we’re equipping you with a foolproof (not really) list of things to do when the vodka wares off and the headache sets in. Thank me later (preferably not via 3am text).

You know those good times everyone keeps talking about? Let ‘em roll. You’ve earned it. 

  1. First things first. Get some pooch-perving therapy with Sydney’s best cafes for patting other people's dogs. OR, if you decided to go retro and order a Jagerbomb the night before and won’t be peeling your sorry ass off the sofa, why not borrow someone else’s dog?
  2. Visit Hawker Lane or Spice Alley. Because the literal last thing you need after thinking an entire bottle of Bailey’s was a good idea is to make big decisions, and here you can eat all the things without thinking.
  3. Skip the shower (for a minute) and hightail it to these perfect waterfalls you can actually visit. Additional plus side: No-one will see your comedown tears…
  4. Visit Sydney’s legitimate Hangover Clinic, which is absolutely a thing that exists.
  5. If none of the above are helping, throw on some Mozart and have a vom. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it.
  6. Get your sweat on at One Hot Yoga and Pilates. But, like, shower first, okay? Especially if it’s rum coming out of your pores. Mmkay, eggnog queen?
  7. Not leaving the house, even if there’s a fire? Okie doke. Get your duvet on, invite your nearest and dearest over and throw the ultimate Gilmore Girls viewing party. BYO coffee.
  8. Give up whatever hope you had of swearing off drinking and start again. Probably at one of Sydney’s best rooftop bars, because a lil’ Vitamin D will do you good. And I mean the sunshine kind, Josephine. Mind out of the gutter.
  9. Cleanse yourself of last night’s sins (and probably a few embarrassing texts) with a swim in the sea at one of Australia’s 11 best beaches (ranked for your convenience).
  10. Give in to the dumplings that are chanting your name with some of Sydney’s best dumplings. Use your fingers if chopsticks are making your brain hurt.
  11. Go at least seven per cent adult and make your own epic Bloody Mary at home. Hair of the dog never looked (or tasted) better. Plus you can control your own pours… Priorities, hey?
  12. Need to sit in a pitch black room and think about what you’ve done? Enter floating. Simpsons reference mandatory.
  13. If all else fails, go back to basics with proof that some form of heaven exists: bacon and egg rolls.

Speaking of hangovers, here's Sydney's Best Drunk Food.

Image credit: Ariana Grille

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