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6 Hair Swaps To Try This Summer

By Christa Cahill
29th Nov 2016

summer hair swaps

Summer is well and truly the best time of the year, and it isn’t just our wardrobes that will be changing with the seasons. Oh no. Along with those thick coats and wooly socks, we will be swapping those weary winter hair regimes for something a little more summery. These summer hair swaps will definitely keep your hair looking fabulous even with all of the sand, sea and sunshine, because let’s face it your hair deserves only the best treatment. 

So ladies, we know the struggle is real when it comes to maintaining your mane in the heat of summer, which is why we teamed up with the hair oracles over at Marli Rose Hairdressing to give us all of their hot tips. 

Here are 6 simple summer hair swaps to have your locks on point this summer. 

summer hair swap

Swap Your Bouncy Winter Blow For Summer Beachy Waves 

Summer is the time to swap those loose, bouncy waves of winter, for beautiful perfectly imperfect beach hair so you can fit in with all of those Bondi beach babes, who make it look like it just ‘happened’ (don’t worry our lips are sealed). The secret to that sexy tousled beach hair is the texturizing Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray that leaves hair lightweight, packed with volume, wavy, shiny, and looking pretty damn effortless, without that awkward crunch. 

summer hair swaps

Swap Your Super Hydrating Treatment For A Lightweight Moisturizer 

During the winter months hydration is key as our hair is prone to getting extremely dry and brittle, particularly at the ends. So you’ll probably have been using Keune’s Care Line Satin Oil Intensive Treatment, which has essential minerals combined with a rich, luxurious oil blend as a way to nourish the hair from the inside out, leaving it shiny, soft and healthy. This summer, Jana, from Marli Rose Hairdressing suggests that you swap to a Wella SP Hair Power Mask, which is extremely lightweight to maintain that sought after ‘body’ in your hair, but it is also extremely nourishing so it will keep the ends moisturized in the summer heat. The Power Mask contains vital lipids, which penetrate deep inside your hair to restructure damaged hair and creates a healthy shine. 

summer hair swaps

Swap Your Moroccan Oil For Keratin 

Throughout the year, rain or shine, it is important to protect our hair from heat damage, which is caused by our mandatory blow-dries (face it, we are all divas at heart) or by using your flat and curling irons. Moroccan oil Heat Style Protectant is perfect during the winter, as it creates a thermal protective shield that lets hair withstand extreme heat, and also provides soft hold and a glossy finish. One of Sydney’s freshest salon faces, Jana Pana from Marli Rose Hairdressing suggests that in the summer months you should ditch the hot tools, in favour of Keratin. This treatment is available at many hair salons across the city and prevents you and your hair turning into a Pointer Sister, when the frizz inducing humidity kicks in. 

summer hair swaps

Swap Your Heavy Winter Hydration For Sulphate + Paraben Free

The changing season should see you changing your shampoo and conditioning regime. Transform your winter routine from using something like L’Hydration by David Mallet that counters harmful environmental influences and constant heat damage, and opt for a summery, sulphate and paraben free DALLAS thickening shampoo and conditioner by R+Co. What’s not to love about big, beautiful and bouncy hair? Jana promises that sulphate and paraben free products will add vitality, body and movement to fine and flat hair. Also, when you use R+Co your hair will smell good enough to eat, infused with the scents of cardamom, pineapple, tangerine, lavender, bamboo, and blonde woods. How dreamy. 

summer hair swaps

Swap Your Low UV For High UV

It is important to protect your hair just as much as you protect your skin this summer. Those sun rayz are pretty powerful (believe us, it’s a lot stronger than those tequila shots you had on the weekend). Jana highly recommends to incorporate UV protection into your daily hair care routine, as it will prevent your hair colour from fading quickly in the sun and will inhibit any damage. The Wella SP Sun range offers high performance anti-sun damage hair care, effectively protects against UV rays, and contains a rich vitamin complex that nourishes and smoothens coarse hair. We love your hair as much as you do, so keep it protected please. And if you really wanna go all out, why not whack on a sun hat? Your locks will be safe and you’ll be sassy AF. 

summer hair swap

Swap Your Super Nourishing Hair Moisturiser For A Lightweight Leave-In Conditioner

Whether you need to de-frizz from the humidity or de-tangle from the sea salt this summer, leave-in conditioner is a way to make everyday a good hair day. Switch from your Christopher Robin Moisturizing Hair Cream that combats winter dryness and prevents split end, to the Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream by Oribe. This luxe reinvention of leave-in conditioner will enrich the thirstiest summer hair, calm the wild frizz, elevate the shine, and restore hair to its natural super softness. You will be looking beyond summer ready with this lightweight and nourishing product.

For more things to look forward to in summer. Check this out. 

Image credit: Adrian Ragasa, Design Credit: Gabby Stjernqvist

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