7 Things We Learnt at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival

By Anna May
26th Sep 2014

It's that time of year again! The time when the beautiful people come out and show us why their Instagrams have more fans than a Bing Lee in summer. 

Spring fashion is here, Listers, and we diligently sat behind the runway to find out who will be wearing what this season. The good news is everything appears to be simple, easy and chic – perfect for recreating your runway looks at home. 

1. Monochrome

Never before has simplicity been so stylish. The runway featured a sea of black and white in all kinds of fabrics and styles. If you're looking to be sleek, relaxed, or just somewhere in between this spring, you can feel confident breaking out the black and white. 

2. Mesh

Showing juuuuust a little (but not too much) appears to be the way to go, and there are plenty of different styles for everyone's personal preference. Sheer panels on dresses, skirts and tops are popping up everywhere, while the cut out print and lovely lace are also on the menu.

3. Full Skirts

It's a big 'ol 50's flashback here, and we just love it. The ladylike silhouette is all the rage, and voluminous skirts (sans poodle) are the way to go for a springtime look, especially when paired with a flash of midriff or a roomy jumper or shirt. 

4. Midriffs

Don't put your bellies away just yet, the peekaboo skin trend is staying put. Ranging from a tiny hint of a waistline to a more dramatic flash, the key is keeping it sleek and classy – no belly buttons, please. 

5. High Waists

Harry Highpants used to be the butt of all jokes when we were in primary school, but he would be having the last laugh now. The high waisted pant is an option if you're not too keen on the full skirt – and can also be paired with a midriff.  

6. Sports Luxe

It appears the fashion world has been worn down, and workout gear is officially not just for the gym (within reason). Dion Lee and Cameo showed collections featuring the 'Sports Luxe' style; think oversized shirts, bomber jackets and a visor or two. 

7. Playsuits

You can't have spring without a few playsuits. The ones we noted were a little more structured than previous seasons, with angular collars, tuxedo-style buttons and a few plunging necklines. They come in a variety of bold patterns and colours, too – so plenty to choose between.

Side note: Harem pants are still a thing.

Whether you think they're the best invention since sneakers became fashionable, or hate the very sight; the 'poo catcher' is here to stay. And this year, we noticed they are being dressed up with blazers or down with a t-shirt. You can't say they're not versatile!

Image credit: Rebekah Schott

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