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9 Awesome Events Happening This Weekend In Sydney

By Amy Henderson
30th Jun 2016

Let’s get real guys. For ages the Game Of Thrones quip, ‘winter is coming’ was funny and exciting, bantered around among friends. Yeah winter isn’t so bad with a crisp bite in the air to trigger us to walk briskly. But now. Oh, now it is a deplorable joke. Woefully we look outside on a Monday morning and cry to the heavens, “how, oh great bleak sky, am I going to make it through this?”

We get it and we’re with you. All of us with our sniveling noses and groggy flu-ey selves have been doing it tough. So we’ve compiled a glorious list of wintry things to do in Sydney to your bods warm and spirits high. Take a gander through to find out the choicest options for this weekend in Sydney.

Thursday 30th

Munich Brauhaus Pop-Up Bar At Sydney Winter Festival

In starting off the list of activities to bring that skip back into your wintry step, we thought it highly appropriate to tell you of the Winter Festival that’s going to make a wonderland of St Mary’s. The Sydney Winter Festival is going to bring your childhood to life, with a little spice thrown in. Munich Brauhaus is set to host a pop-up bar next to the outdoor ice rink providing you the best access to imported and haus brewers beers and a good old frolic around the ice. Munich lager, Butcher’s Bride pale ale and limited edition Pretty Purrsuasion Porter are all going to vie to keep you very warm indeed.

What: Sydney Winter Festival
Where: St Mary’s Cathedral, St Mary’s Road, Sydney
When: Thursday 30th June, 10am – 7pm
Cost: Free entry

The Winemaker’s Secret: Best Of The Vats Wine Dinner At Rawson’s

Wine. It’s a delight isn’t it? Wine, wine, wine. We could muse on it all day and encourage you to do the same from time to time. In the vein of doing what’s good for you and yours, it’s time you penned in The Winemaker’s Secret. Bruce Tyrell of Tyrrell’s Wines is on the verge of cracking open some of his most premium bottles at Rawson’s in The Epping Club. How could the plot possibly twist? It’s not just wine, it’s wine and food with five of Tyrrell’s favourites used to conjure up an extravagant five course menu designed by Rawson’s executive chef Nick Whitehouse. With Tasmanian oysters, Jurassic Spatchcock and gongonzola for days, it took us a while to get our breathe back.

What: Best of the Vats Wine Dinner
Where: Rawson’s, The Epping Club
When: Thursday 30th June, 7pm
Cost: Club Members $98, Non Members $105

Friday 1st

Burgers And Beats: The Chicken Edition

Life, it can be a complicated thing to manage. Getting your head around the things such as rent, tax returns and dental appointments can make our heads spin. To take it down a notch, to get immersed in the simple and nourishing Burgers and Beats has it sorted. What do they demand of you? Eat fried chicken, drink beers and listen to beats. With deliciousness provided from Butter, Chicken & Sons, Waffles & Dom and a whooole bunch of booze, you’re in for a good night.

What: Burgers and Beats: The Chicken Edition
Where: Corner of Cleveland and Eveleigh Street (Work-Shop)
When: Friday 1st July, 6- 10pm
Cost: $10 | Tickets Here

Rye July At The Glenmore

We’ve all been there, watching Don Draper or Harvey Specter twirl around a tumbler full of alluring nectar, wax lyrical about its notes, fermentation and barrel wood and not quite be in the comprehension office. Well, that’s all about to change with The Glenmore’s Rye July series. They’ll be celebrating all things whiskey/ whisky (the down low on the spelling will surely be included) covering all the corners of the ring from the incorrigible Scots to the wise-cracking Irish. It will be a night of free flowing spirits, camaraderie and information, taking the edge off the bitter cold outside.

What: Rye July at The Glenmore
Where: 96 Cumberland Street, The Rocks
When: Friday 1st July
Cost: $ 55

Saturday 2nd

Rozelle Collectors Markets: Rozelle Roadshow

Have been eyeing off that pendant in the attic, wondering just wondering if it’s worth a pretty penny and could fund your ticket out of winter into the Mediterranean summer? Yeah, we thought so. Now’s your chance, you seize that pendant and take it along to the Rozelle Collectors Market this Saturday. Your antiques will be valued by expert Ken Buxton who’ll turn his all seeing eye to the antique holding all your hopes. The market will be burgeoning forth with antiques and rarities to tantalise and enthrall. Head down to complete your vintage look, you vintage millennial you.

What: Rozelle Collectors Market
Where: Rozelle Public School, 663 Darling Street, Rozelle
When: Saturday 2nd July
Cost: Free entry

Cool Yule

Yasssss, we cry! Finally a winter wonderland that’ll make true all our desires to be a professional figure skater. You’ll finally be able to done that sparkly number with its lycra hugging ways and take yourself for a spin to dazzle all and sundry. Darling Harbour has us sorted, baby! With an ice rink the size of your ambition, skating lessons to sharpen out the rust, a snow pit to frolic in when the above doesn’t go to plan and an enchanted Frozen Forest complete with fairy lights you will be Elsa and you won’t give a damn who knows it.

What: Cool Yule Festival
Where: Darling Harbour
When: July 2nd until July 17th
Cost: Free entry

Free Gallery Walking Tour 

It’s never a bad idea to indulge in a bit of culture. And for freesies you can have a whole lotta culture, two hours full with the Chippendale Free Gallery Walking Tour. Meeting at the Kensington Contemporary, all who gather are taken by an expert through numerous exhibits with insightful and substantial tidbits of information sprinkled throughout, to make you worth those hipster specs you just ordered.

What: Free Gallery Walking Tours
Where: Kensington Contemporary, 32/34 Kensington Street, Chippendale
When: Saturday 2nd July
Cost: Free!

Sunday 3rd

Live Music Sundays (With $10 Cocktails) At Daniel San

Monday may be quickly working its way into our reality but it would not have claimed us yet! This Sunday night should be spent Daniel San and his atmospherically mint establishment. Close your eyes now, picture yourself on a lazy Sunday afternoon, acoustic tunes are wafting around your beautiful head, there are salivating smells all around, $10 cocktails are neatly stacked in front of you, the glorious sea and its immensity is singing to you, this, this could be your reality. We’ll see you there.

What: Daniel San Live
Where: 55 North Steyne, Manly
When: Sunday 3rd July
Cost: Free entry

Garden Life Coffee Bar Launch

Let us lay this down plainly. Free coffee, free organic tea, free snacks for you and you and you. Garden Life has a whole bunch of new products for your garden and home, have just opened their cute new coffee bar and want to celebrate with you. Come one, come all, bring your partner, cousin and distant aunt to Garden Life’s launch party. If your cheese soufflé didn’t win you a spot in your great aunt’s will, bringing her to this event might.

What: Garden Life's Coffee Bar Launch
Where: 158 Princes Hwy St Peters
When: Saturday 2nd, 9am - 5pm and Sunday 3rd July, 10am – 4pm
Cost: Free entry

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Image Credit: Butter

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