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A Blue Kit Kat Doughnut Is Coming To The Galeries (Seriously)

By Ange Law
25th Oct 2016

Doughnut Time Sydney

We couldn’t make this up if we tried, because a blue glazed Kit Kat doughnut is moving in on the Galeries to celebrate the 26th Doughnut Time store opening. 

Doughnut Time has quickly become one of those companies that’s popped up on every single street corner, which we’re absolutely okay with since seeing doughnuts at every turn is far more comforting than seeing a gym to remind us that it’s been weeks since we last worked out.

The dreamy blue doughnut will be topped with crushed Kit Kats and mini marshmallows and it’s been dubbed ‘A New Destination’, which is fitting, since they’ve literally just opened in a new destination (geddit?). 

To celebrate the opening this Wednesday 16 October, they’ll be giving away free doughnuts between 11am and 1pm. We all know that the only thing better than doughnuts, are free doughnuts, so get on it guys. 

The details:

What: Doughnut Time Galeries Official Opening
When: Wednesday 26 October
Where: Shop 806, Lower Ground Floor, The Galeries – 500 George Street, Sydney
Cost: FREE

In case you need reminding, these are the same legends that gave us the Golden Gaytime Doughnut. Yep. 

Image credit: Doughnut Time

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