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A Golden Gaytime Burger Is Happening This Weekend

By Ange Law
8th Nov 2016

We hope the world never gets sick of Golden Gaytimes because a world without Gaytime related craziness is simply a world that we want to know nothing about. 

It seems like only yesterday that the Golden Gaytime doughnuts rolled into our lives, but guys— it’s happened again, but better. 

GAYTIME BURGERS ARE COMING TO SYDNEY and we’re not even a little bit sorry about the caps yelling, because it’s more than warranted, and completely necessary. Let’s break this one down for you, it’s Golden Gaytime in a soft, sweet burger bun and we’re almost (kind of) certain that we spy some caramel sauce on top as well. 

In case you need any more convincing (seriously, get your life together), then you’ll be pleased to know that the crew at Kayter co have gone a bit nutty, because there will also be fried oreos and unicorn sparkle fart donuts as well as confectionary chocolate drinks. We don’t quite understand exactly what a confectionary chocolate drink is, but at this point we don’t even care. We want one of everything, and two of the Gaytime burgers.  

The details:

What: Park Feast
When: Saturday 12 – Sunday 13 November, 11am – 10pm
Where: Bella Vista Farm
Cost: Free entry

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Image credit: Kayterco

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