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Beauty Dummy | We Try Skin Needling

By Rachel Lay
29th Mar 2017

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As someone who has never actually watched an episode of Sex And The City, it’s fair to say that I couldn’t have known any better than to think I would return from a lunch time facial with flawless, glowing skin—a far cry from Samantha’s post-peel ‘glow’. Oh past me, you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed are you?

When Leona from Simply Laser said she could transform my skin with something called ‘Skin Needling’ I was pretty excited. Granted, I’m only 22, and my skin can still be classed as young (damn you, hormonal breakouts!), I knew I had to try the treatment…for future me’s sake.

So, What Is Skin Needling Exactly?

Glad you asked. Skin needling is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: needles that penetrate into the dermis which act to trick your skin into thinking it is in trauma (not as scary as it sounds, I promise!), and thus, causes it to repair itself. It is basically organic Botox.

You can get skin needling done on your face (yes, even under your eyes!), décolletage, and scars such as stretch marks or even acne scars. While it may sound terrifying, the needles only penetrate up to 1.5mm into the skin, while scarring treatments involve needles that penetrate around 2mm. Basically, the treatment tricks your skin into producing collagen and elastin to create smoother, tighter and ‘younger’ looking skin. Just what the doctor ordered, if you ask us.

What Is It Like (Read: Does It Hurt)?

The treatment begins with Leona surveying your skin and finding out what areas to focus on. For me, it was my pores and some fine lines caused by sun damage. Next up, it’s into the treatment where Leona explains each step of the process to me. First up, it’s time for numbing cream! This gets applied all over your face and feels bizarre: the first to go are your lips—which makes talking super weird. Next up, your cheeks, and then your entire face—the numbing process takes around 30 minutes, so bring a book or your phone!

When it’s time for the treatment to begin, Leona shows me what the skin needle looks like, how it works, and does a test patch so I understand the pain levels. It feels like a dull, considerably less painful tattoo. To be honest, the feeling is quite unusual; you can hear the buzzing of the needles, but can’t really feel any pain. It is almost like a dull scratch on my forehead, and then on my cheeks and nose—honestly, I can barely feel a thing! Leona goes over each section of my face (including my lips!) in criss-cross motions, and, before I know it, we’re done! The treatment itself takes around 15 minutes.

The aftermath is kind of scary, I’ll be honest. Your face is bloody, puffy, and 50 shades of red. It ain’t pretty. Leona immediately covers the skin with a sheet mask to sooth, and infuses wrinkle-fighting and skin-loving ingredients into the skin. At this point, you look like a horror movie character (and yes, you can see the blood through the sheet mask). Once this is done, Leona applies a final treatment serum to the skin and you’re off into the world with your new face—yes, your colleagues will burst out laughing if you go back to the office, and yes, strangers will stop and stare.

After the treatment there’s no wetting the face, no skin care routine, and certainly no touching of the face. The redness lasts around 8 hours, and is semi-painful to the touch.

Does It Work?

I wake up the next day to a text from Leona checking in on me, which is so lovely. I also wake up to seriously glowing skin. Scars and redness left over from acne have faded, a line I had on my forehead from sun damage is pretty much invisible, and, if we’re being honest? I look amazing. I’ve never had skin this good. Even hormonal breakouts that were active during the treatment have calmed down, and are a whole lot less red.

It’s been about a month since the treatment, and my skin is still looking and feeling great. I’m totally hooked, and ready to book another one!

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