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Here’s Where You Can Fill Up On A Huge 2.8 Kilos Of Pho (And Win Cash)

By Jessica Best
1st Jul 2019

This winter, there’s a mammoth bowl of golden elixir from the gods going around and you’ll need to be well and truly apart of the antics.

Enter Cabra-Vale Diggers, the mega dining precinct in the west that’s plating up hefty 2.8kg bowls of pho so you can live your best food coma life. The mammoth feed is part of the RSL’s famous competitive eating challenge called “Man Vs Pho”. If you can successfully work your way through 750g of pho noodles, 600g of beef, 1050g of pho stock, 360g of bean sprouts and 45g of Thai basil, you’ll be well on your way to taking out a cash prize of $3000 (if you win the entire competition).

However, if you’d rather just graciously share a fat bowl of the good stuff, sharing it between you and your mates is absolutely on the cards too… without timers and all that crazy competitive pressure..

Head here for more details.

The Details

What: Man Vs Pho
When: Tuesday 2 July through Thursday 4 September
Where: District 8, Cabra-Vale Diggers
Cost: $35

Image credit: Rich Muir.

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