Stand By, This Might Be The Best Hot Cross Bun Collab Ever

By Sammy Preston
11th Apr 2019

Choc Cross Bagel | Urban List Sydney

We’ve had croissant-doughnut mash ups (the cronut), muffin hybrids (the bruffin and cruffin spring to mind), but what about the classic spiced sweet bun otherwise known as the hot cross bun?

Each year, March and April are made all the tastier with the appearance of these fluffy fruit-peppered bread snacks (January and February too if you shop at Coles or Woolworths). Are they more exciting than Easter chocolate? Maybe. Their potential has largely been untapped, but recent years have seen some surprising creative spins on the traditional hot cross bun.

One of the best creations kicking around Sydney right now has to be the “Choc Cross Bagel”. It’s the work of the carbohydrate heroes at Smoking Gun Bagels, who’ve collab’d with Callebaut to craft something that’s pretty out of this world.

This delicious bagel slash hot cross bun mash up is crafted using whole orange puree and Callebaut Cocoa Powder infused with an Easter-inspired spice mix. Fruits typically found in traditional hot cross buns have been substituted with Australian currants and Callebaut Power 41 chocolate.

The result is a very balanced bready treat that’s not too chocolatey, with just the right amount of nostalgic spice (cinnamon, freshly grated nutmeg, clove and candied orange peel) in each bite. 


What: Choc Cross Bagels
Where: Smoking Gun Bagels
When: They'll be available from Friday 12 April. 

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Image credit: Supplied. 

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