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Here’s Why This Is The Best Spot For Your Next Tinder Date

By Elise Cullen
21st Jan 2019

First dates can be hard at the best of times, let alone when your only contact has been through an app. When you finally agree to meet up for a date you remain hopeful and pray it isn’t disastrous. You want a spark, you want to laugh and you want to have fun, right? 

Where you plan to go on a date is vital for the date’s success. Sure, sparks can't fly if the spark isn’t there to begin with, but we’re here to tell you why Holey Moley Darlinghurst is a surefire way to break the ice, ease those first date nerves and have a blast—regardless of the romantic longevity.

There’s Booze (And Lots Of It)

A little Dutch courage can go a long way for date night nerves and mini golf performance, not to mention The Caddyshack’s delightfully pun-heavy menu is enough to draw the crowds. For Valentine’s Day only, you can wrap your hands around a Pinkette made from pink gin, cranberry, lemon and egg white for just $10. But if that’s not necessarily your jam, there are plenty of party starters. Cocktails range from delicious classics, like Espresso Partinis and Long Island Iced Tees, to more playful and adventurous concoctions, like Austin Sours and Ginny McGin Fizz.

A must-try for any chocoholic is Holey Moley’s Cherry Ripe For The Picking. A creamy and coconutty mix of Cherry Heering, chocolate liqueur, coconut rum, milk, whipped cream, shredded coconut and chocolate topping garnished with mini Cherry Ripes. It’s a game changer.

Leave your diet at the door because the food menu is equally as fun and cheeky as the drinks list with a smorgasbord of juicy burgers, loaded dogs and, of course, cheesy pizzas. Deciding what to dig into is a mammoth task but our favourites would have to be The Big Tony, a crusty, doughy base with mozzarella, pepperoni and a secret pizza sauce, or the droolworthy Holey Cheezus; a jam-packed beef burger with ‘oozy gooey’ cheese sauce, cheddar cheese, pickles, bacon and lettuce.

The Laughs Are Guaranteed

Whether you’re a Greg Norman in the making or your hand-eye coordination is so off you need to wear a warning sign around your neck, mini golf doesn’t discriminate. And the best thing is the worse you are, the better the date—and the laughs are guaranteed.

18 holes of testing your date’s ability and patience really makes for a great first date; you want to make sure they can laugh at themselves, right? What better way to get a glimpse of your future together than with a sometimes frustrating game of skill?

Just remember, as Happy Gilmore’s coach Chubbs explains: “It’s all in the hips.”

Forget The Conversation Starters

With 18 outrageously themed holes, the hard work is practically done for you. Don’t worry about listing topics to talk about on the back of your hand, each hole will spark a conversation regardless of your comfortability zone. Nineties nostalgia is what it’s all about.

Take a trip down memory lane with the evil, laughing clown from Happy Gilmore or reminisce on your Operation-playing days. There’s a course dedicated to everyone’s beloved arcade game Pac Man, Zoolander throwbacks and the action-packed thriller Gone In 60 Seconds. Trust us when we say, you won’t be short of conversation starters.

If the idea of making awkward eye contact across a table for an entire night makes you want to delete your dating apps, we recommend hitting up Darlinghurst’s Holey Moley—and with two-for-one mini golf this Valentine’s Day it’s a win-win. You can plan ahead and book online with the promo code HOLELOTTALOVE.

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