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Everything To Do This Sunday That’s Not Netflix & Chill

By Alice Joyce
15th Dec 2017

Don’t get us wrong, we love a bit of Netflix and chill, but with the weather heating up it’s time to put away those doonas, turn the TV off and head outside for some good old-fashioned exploring.  Let’s be honest, we live in a pretty damn good-looking city!

So, thanks to the boss Ford Escape (everyone’s perfect weekend accomplice), we’ve rounded up the best ways to do a totally screen-free Sunday. We promise they’re worth getting off the couch for.

For The Suits Lovers: Go For A Walk To Really Appreciate Your Home Turf

Ok you’re a Sydney local so it’s not rocket science knowing that this city is home to some pretty rad walks. BUT how many have you done? Ditch the busy Bondi-Bronte trail for something a little low-key like the 3km trail from La Perouse to Yarra Bay. The panoramic views across Botany Bay and salty fresh air in your hair will get rid of that hangover and it also gives you a reason to grab a mate and have a good ol’ gossip on Harvey Spector.

For The Shameless Lovers: Go Bush

No we’re not talking full bush, more half bush, like Bents Basin out near Warragamba Dam, bush. Why? Because this place is perfect for a little Sunday kayak or fishing between mates and there’s nothing Shameless about having a Sunday mate date now, is there (see what we did there?!).


For The Stranger Things Lovers: Head For The Hills

Well ‘Hills District’ to be a little more specific. Jump in the car, head north west and have a crack at the 2.5km walk across Carlingford and North Rocks (nothing too strenuous of course, it is Sunday after all). Start at either Parkland Road in Carlingford or Norfolk Place in North Rocks for an Eleven/10 experience.

For The Office Lovers: Book A Tiny House

Because it’s Sydney, and we all know a tiny house is probably all we can afford at the moment #smashedavoforlyf. These little guys have been a hit ever since we first laid eyes on them earlier this year. The sustainable and solar powered cribs are hidden in secret locations, two hours from Sydney, but rest assured what they may lack in space, they make up for with amazing views.  Just don’t go telling the whole Office about this gem!

For The Planet Earth Lovers: Pat A Baby Animal 

Animals are cute at the best of times, but BABY ANIMALS?! Oh lorrrrrrrrd—pass them to us now! Located just off the M7 on Elizabeth Drive, so not too far a drive from the CBD, Calmsley Hill City Farm lets us not only feed tiny chicks, but also joeys, lambs and piglets. Plus, you can also ride in a tractor, because when at Calmsley Hill City Farm, right?!  Find a better way to do a Sunday. We’ll wait.

For the Riverdale Lovers: Watch The Sunrise

Nothing makes us feel more alive than being up before we should and watching a new day rise upon us. So really feel that blood through your veins by watching an epic Sydney sunrise. Whether you go inner city to Bronte Beach, or road trip it to The Royal National Park, what makes this a truly great start to your Sunday is that you’re feeling fresh and that guy who just stumbled out of the pub, is not. Sucker!

For The Man Vs…  Lovers: Go To The Markets… At Night

What’s not love about the markets? Good bargains and even better food. Heading to Paddy’s Night Markets is one sure-fire way to have a great Sunday bc there is food galore! Expect cheesy knafeh desserts served by the bearded bakers at Knafeh Bakery and crispy fried chicken burgers from the legends at Dirty Bird. Can we get a ‘Hell Yeah?!’

For Gilmore Girls Lovers: Unleash Your Inner Child

It’s Sunday; it’s time to let off some steam, revisit your inner child and get aerial. At Skypeak, you can do all three thanks to their ‘Atmosphere’ activity, which will see you do bridge walks, barrel runs, rope climbs, chasm jumps and trapeze swings – all suspended in the air. Definitely make this one a family affair.

For The Orange Is The New Black Lovers: Try A ‘Live Room Escape’

Say what?! Never heard of a ‘Live Room Escape’? Well you may or may not be glad you know now as this shiz is scary! The ‘Paniq Room’ is where you are stuck in a room potentially [Office1]  and hand-cuffed and blindfolded and need to find a way to get out! Seriously, is this what it feels like in jail?! A Sunday, not for the faint hearted.

So there you have it, thanks to the Ford Escape, you now have 10 ways to really live it up on a Sunday.

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso for The Urban List.

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