Jonkanoo Caribbean Canteen Comes To Town

By Sophia Fukunishi
16th Aug 2014

Taking over the spot where The Dip once flipped burgers, Jonkanoo Caribbean Canteen brings a little bit of island spice to Liverpool Street's Goodgod Small Club. Home to some of Sydney's best dancehall and reggaeton nights (yes, we've been and yes, we're guilty of some bad dancing), the West-Indies-inspired food fits right in.

Jonkanoo is run by Jamaican-American, Damion Brown, who first began cooking in his family's West Indian restaurants in Miami and New York. From there he travelled to 35 countries eating everything in his path before ending up in Sydney. And we couldn't be happier!

Jonkanoo Caribbean Canteen serves up tasty treats from Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, and The Bahamas. Think all sorts of West Indian favourites such as jerk chicken, Creole curry, and lots of Caribbean-influenced cocktails. Yep, we're in flavour country!

Divided into sections that are fun to say, you can find starters ('Small Tings'), Sandwiches ('Bread an Ting') and Jerked meats ('Jerk Tings') on their wall menu. Starters include fried plantains, oysters with curry saucem and spiced-up papas fritas (fries). When it comes to sandwiches, we like their take on the Cubano, which is served lightly toasted and comes with a nice helping of fries. Throw in a little bit of Uncle Tyrone's hot sauce for kicks and you've got yourself a winner. 

Don't miss their signature jerk chicken or pork that has been marinated in Damion Brown's secret family sauce and smoked for days. This leaves the meat moist, spicy (but not too spicy) and down-right delicious. Is this the kind of thing the guys from Cool Runnings would have eaten? We like to think so.

With a significant lack of Caribbean restaurants in Sydney, we welcome Jonkanoo Caribbean Canteen with welcome arms and bad Jamaican accents.

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