The Lasagne Burger Officially Exists. React Accordingly

By Anna May
9th Sep 2014

Loosen your belt buckles or get out your eating pants, Sydneysiders, there is a thing called the Lasagne Burger; we tried to fight its delicious temptations, and failed miserably. 

Being the food-obsessed people we are at The Urban List, the first whisper of this creation had us all in a tizz – how is this possible, and more importantly, where do we get one? The Lasagne Burger lives at Bertoni Café in Balmain, and resistance was futile, the lasagne burger had to be ours. 

So how does it work? We're glad you asked. It begins with two slabs of house-made lasagne that are crumbed, fried and made into two halves of a 'bun', and continues with a wagyu patty, gooey mozzarella and special Italian sauce. Put it all together and you've got yourself a Lasagne Burger. And if that wasn't enough, this bad boy comes with a side of shoestring fries, just because it can.

Sure, this cheesy, saucy, meaty creation with just the right amount of crunch won't be doing your ticker any favours, but who can argue with all of that heart-stopping goodness with heavenly sauce and molten mozzarella, huh? No-one. Don't try to fight it, just give in to the carby deliciousness. 

Sorry, ramen burger, you were cute and all; but all of that cushiony soft pasta, cheese and meat encased in the crunchiest of coatings has got us buying a one-way ticket to Lasagne Town, and it's very unlikely we'll be moving for a good while – mostly because we can't. See you there, Listers! 10 points for anyone that takes on the challenge, and an extra 10 for those brave enough to eat it with their hands. Game on!

Image credit: Bertoni Casalinga

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