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Luna Park’s Rooftop Cinema Is Back

By Ange Law
21st Mar 2018

For the next month, Luna Park is getting a rooftop cinema—and here you were thinking we'd never have anymore outdoor fun #wehateyouwinter. This is like a silent disco but without the dancing, because you’ll be handed a pair of noise-cancelling headphones on your way in, to drown out the sounds of the fun downstairs. 

There will be newer movies and cult classics—so something for everyone— and on Wednesdays, they wear pink. That means you'll be watching Spice World and Mean Girls (duh) depending on which night you head down. When it comes to buying tickets, you have options, with packages that'll see you kicking back in a comfy AF Matt Blatt chair.

For all of the details and to buy your tickets, head here

The details:

What: Luna Park Rooftop Cinema 
Where: Luna Park
When: 22 March - 30 April
Cost: $18 – $22

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Image credit: Luna Park

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