Guys, Here’s The Nasi Lemak Burger Your Winter Body Deserves

By Jessica Best - 24 Jul 2018


Listen up. Forget summer days and face your reality— Sydney’s in the middle of a mercury drop and you’re a fan of the #burgerlyf.

Which is why we need to tell you all about some epic burg news you’re going to go APE over. PappaRich (god bless their winter warming souls), has just dropped a serious carb-loading, heavy-duty, calorific stack fo the good stuff and our bodies are more than ready.

The bangin’ stack of happiness takes the form of Sydney’s first Nasi Lemak burger, which if you didn’t know, is a super delish Malay feed. The burger will be packed with PappaRich’s signature fried chicken, peanuts and anchovies, sambal, cucumber, lettuce, mayo, topped with a fried egg in between super-soft burger buns. 

And to really nail it, these legends are also throwing up a side of fried chicken skin instead of traditional fries alongside. FYI, you should probably start heading in stat because the Nasi Lemak burger is only hangin’ around until August 12.

Love all things carb-filled? Sydney's Moon Festival is coming and you should seriously check it out.

Image credit: Supplied

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