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Penrith Is Getting Its First Small Bar

By Simone Jovel
12th Apr 2017


It’s a well know fact that all the best nights overseas start (and end) at a small bar. Those hole-in-the-wall finds where one hour easily turns into five, and you’re on a first name basis with your buddy behind the bar. And lucky for all you Westies, an oasis just like this is headed your way.

Penrith’s first ever small bar is opening this April and (wait for it) it’s Spanish themed! With capacity for only 20 people (guys, let’s not be shocked, it’s a small bar) and in their own words you’ll be treated like family rather than just your regular, anonymous, cocktail enthusiast.

Serving pinxtos, just like they do back in the motherland, we’re willing to put money on some damn fine sangria being on hand for your sipping pleasure.

The Union Bar opens in Penrith, underneath The Union Restaurant, on 19 April. Watch this space for deets.

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