Red Velvet Lattes Exist (And They’re Awesome)

By Sophia Fukunishi
28th Jul 2016

red velvet lattes cafe in sydney

2016 has been a year of many things. From Pokemon GO to Brexit to burger shops opening on every corner, it’s been a varied and, at times, confusing year and we’ve only just passed the halfway point. 

In a delicious discovery, and something to add to our ever growing list of “things we need to try in 2016”, we have found one café in Sydney that is creating the dessert drink of our dreams and luckily for you we’re blowing the lid on the whole thing.

Sydney, meet red velvet lattes. A wonderfully warming concoction made from mocha, batter (yes, batter) and topped with steamed milk. But, who makes this gloriously comforting, but definitely not good for you, drink? Well guys, that would be the clever team from Local Mbassy, a popular little café in Ultimo, who have been pouring these bad boys since the start of Autumn (what the hell have you all been doing?).

They’ve been flipping red velvet pancakes for a while now and their red velvet lattes are another evolution on the dessert classic. And, if you haven’t had your fill of red velvet after devouring the pancakes and latte, there is a red velvet waffle to round out the perfect velvety trifecta. Oh my.

Alongside the crazy red velvet latte, there are matcha green lattes (so hot right now), the super popular hot taro and decadent white hot chocolates, which are perfect if you’re looking for something a bit different to your regular skim flat white with one.

Sydney, you’re crazy but we love you.

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Image credit: Local Mbassy

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