13 Of The Scariest Movies To Watch This Friday The 13th

By Briana Wallace
13th Jul 2018


It’s that dreaded day again. Friday the 13th. Which means two things. Firstly, you’ll want to avoid black cats, ladders and upside-down horseshoes. Secondly,  it’s the absolute perfect time to revisit fantastically frightening horror movies. You know, if you’re that type of person.

Here’s to the cult classics, new releases, Netflix OG’s and movie franchises. Start throwing some salt over your shoulder, grab some popcorn and settle in for a killer fright night. Here are 11 of the scariest movies to watch this Friday 13th. 

PSA: it’s 100% okay to watch from behind a pillow. 

Get Out

This box-office sensation will make you 10 times more nervous about meeting bae’s parents. Its seamless and clever use of the horror genre to explore social critique make this film a must see. After reaching the meet-the-parents milestone Chris is invited by his girlfriend, Rose, upstate for a weekend getaway. Chris first read the overly accommodating behaviour as nervousness at dealing with their interracial relationship but he soon realises the disturbing truth (which gets revealed when you actually watch the movie, obvs).

A Quiet Place

Put down the popcorn, cause you won’t want to make any noise while watching this intense flick. In a world overrun by blind creatures (possibly set in the near distant future) who have a supernatural hearing and kill anything they sense, this one has an epic storyline to go with it. A family with young children try to survive in this forcibly quiet world but whether or not they can reallyyyy survive is another question.

Friday the 13th (1980)

You can’t watch scary movies on Friday the 13th without watching Friday the 13th (it’s sacrilegious). There’s no going past the 1980 original in this slasher film series (helllooo young Kevin Bacon). Its bloody surprises and 70s aesthetic have made this movie a cult classic.  This one’s about a group of camp counsellors who are stalked and murdered by an unknown assailant, after re-opening Camp Crystal Lake, which years before was the site of a young boy’s drowning. 

American Horror Story 

If you’re keen for a little more suspense than usual, AHS is where it’s at. Sure, it’s a TV show (you’ll find this one on Netflix) but each season revolves around a different type of horror ie. there’s something for everyone. You’ll find certain series veering around haunted houses, freak shows, mental asylums and witches. Yes it’s intense and yes you should bloody round up the crew, grab all the pillows and pray to god ghosts aren’t real.

IT (2017)

Here to ramp up your fear of clowns is 'It'. This movie adaptation of the Stephen King novel reminds us all of why our parents always said “don’t talk to strangers”. Every 27 years an ancient, shape-shifting evil thing emerges from the sewer to prey on the children of a town called Derry. Over one horrifying summer, seven young outcasts must band together and face their worst nightmare, the bloodthirsty clown known as Pennywise. 

The Conjuring 

The fact that The Conjuring is based on a true story makes this the SCARIEST. MOVIE. EVER. Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren are called to assist the Perren family, living in a haunted farmhouse in Rhode Island. What they discover is more than they can handle. Of course, if you're not too scarred by the end of it, you should definitely watch The Conjuring 2 after.


Oh where do we begin with the epic Netflix OG that shocked us precisely fourteen and a half minutes in? Sinner is the terrifyingly epic psychological thriller, produced by superhuman Jessica Biel, based around an investigation into a certain crime (we’re not giving anything away) where there is no identified motive. This one’s an underdog when it comes to best thrillers around and trust us, by the end you’ll deffs be thinking “WTH did I just watch?’.

Scream (1-4)

Say wazzzuuuppp to another cult classic. Get your hands on all four Scream movies and settle in for a Ghostface marathon. Yep, think a knife-wielding maniac stalks high school students. You know, just casually.

Lights Out

Ok people, could you think of anything worse than seeing some creepy, lanky silhouette every time you turned out your lights? Such is the premise for this scary movie. You should know that this one is another win for the scary movie genre mainly due to the fact it’s produced by James Wan (director of The Conjuring) so you know it’s going to be pretty bloody epic.

The Visit

It can’t be a real Friday the 13th scary movie list without at list one M. Night Shyamalan mention. And let’s be honest, you could make it one epic movie marathon night and just watch all of his stuff because he’s low-key obsessed with all the horror (shout out to his other scary-but-good-but-scary films The Village, Signs and The Sixth Sense). The Visit pans around a simple trip to the ol’ grandparents house which eventually turns out to be an insane fight for survival. 

It Follows 

It Follows will stop your tinder swiping in a heartbeat and will leave you wary of anyone who comes too close. A curse gets transmitted from person to person when they commit to the ol’ hanky-panky with the only goal of killing its victim. And how can peeps escape the curse? By engaging in some more hanky-panky to pass it on. Obvs.

The Babadook

Don’t forget to check under your bed after this one. The Babadook brings every child’s nightmare of the monster under the bed to life. A single mother struggles with her son’s fear of monsters. After a creepy pop-up book, Mister Babadook actually appears and her son's hallucinations spiral out of control. But when she begins to see glimpses of the sinister presence, it dawns on her that what her son fears may be real. 

The Others

An oldie but a goodie, if you like your scary movies to have a good storyline this one is most definitely for you. At first glance this The Others looks to be just another ‘haunted house’ movie but the ending has quite the twist. It’s freaky, unsettling and pretty sad too but that’s what makes it such a Friday the 13th must-see. 

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