Sydney’s 25 Best Fat Feeds | Round 2

By Sophia Fukunishi
23rd Oct 2014

To hell with our bangin' summer bods! We can't get enough of all the cheesy, melty, greasy, chocolatey, and sugary meals that can be found in restaurants around Sydney. 

In case you missed it, check out round 1 for even more fatty goodness, and then read on, for more calorific meals from some of the best restaurants in Sydney. 

  1. Order up a plate of the fried Monterey Jack cheese sticks, deep fried then sprinkled with more cheese from Dove & Olive, and then go for a 2 hour run afterward.
  2. Start the day right with a Southern fried chicken benni at Orto Trading Co.
  3. Go all out and get the Big Poppa burger with an extra patty at Rupert & Ruby at IconPark in Darlinghurst.
  4. Order a plate of greasy pan-fried dumplings from Sea Bay and don't share.
  5. Head to The Oxford Tavern and go in on Dino's charcoal chicken with sloppy fries. Extra emphasis on sloppy fries.
  6. The salty and saucy crispy chicken skin chips from Chiki Chiki Sakaba will leave you wanting more… Exercise.
  7. The Baron in Castle Hill has an Elvis slider, which, of course, is loaded with bacon. Go on, try it.
  8. It's fried chicken and it's large. In fact, it's XXL. Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks' crispy chickens are delicious, deep fried, and huge.
  9. After getting your meat on at LP's Quality Meats, be sure to order the Pounding Choumer (a maple syrup cake with a scoop of ice cream and a dusting of icing sugar).
  10. There's nothing like a classic fish and chips to get us excited. Try them at the newly opened Surry Gills.
  11. Essentially taco fries, the carne asada fries from Chica Bonita in Manly will leave you full, satisfied, and with a fine layer of grease all over your face.
  12. You can't say no to Gumshara's super mega ramen noodle.
  13. Get stuck into a whole metre pizza from Napoli Nel Cuore. Sharing optional.
  14. Head to Lowenbrau and order their huge and meaty pork knuckle. It comes with sauerkraut, mashed potato and a beer jus.
  15. More pork! Order the milk fed Macleay Valley suckling pig from Swine & Co. It's worth every calorie.
  16. Order a large serving of Lord of the Fries' fries with French Canadian sauce (shredded cheese and gravy).
  17. Jump on the bandwagon and order a ramen burger from On Ramen where the buns are actually fried noodles.
  18. Get in on all the cheesy hotdog goodness at El Loco.
  19. Enjoy Naru One's half and half Korean fried chicken with original and sweet and spicy sauce.
  20. Slurp down a lemon cheesecake milkshake from Reuben Hills.
  21. How do Hurricane's famous pork ribs with their secret basting sauce served with fries sound?
  22. Try ordering the Better Than Sex dessert (yes, it's actually called that) from House without blushing. It comes with toasted brioche, pandan coconut gelato, and is topped with Thai caramel sauce.
  23. Bad Manner Thymes Café's bulgoli roll with wasabi aioli is packed full of beef and sprinkled with sweet potato chips.
  24. Get a sugar rush from Adriano Zumbo's sugary, sugary zonut.
  25. The Hayberry's cheese and bacon fries comes smothered with BBQ sauce and mayo.

Can't get enough? Neither can we! Check out more of Sydney's best restaurants right here.

Image credit: Hurricane's Grill

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