Sydney’s Best New Yoga Studios

By Brooke Harrison
8th Jul 2016

best yoga in Sydney

Okay, it’s past the mid-year mark and it seems those it-was-good-at-the-time New Year’s resolutions just keep coming back to haunt us (yes, we’re talking about that detox you promised yourself). Let’s face it, we could all do with a bit more ‘me’ time to focus on our health and wellbeing and not to mention some form of stress relief.

Guilt trips aside (we know you’ve been trying to make those 6am vinyasa flow classes), we’re here to help you get back on track and what better way than to tempt you with some of the newest and hottest yoga studios in Sydney?

If you’re like us (and we know you are), sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to get your motivation back. So, no more excuses, it’s time to stretch out that downward-dog and get zen at Sydney’s best new yoga studios that are worth waking up for. #namaste.

Humming Puppy


With a motto of “travel light and leave feeling even lighter”, we were excited to discover that Humming Puppy really is about ensuring everything from booking your mat position online, to your post-practice grooming (yes they have straighteners, ladies!), is thought through for you—so all you need to is rock up, and get zen. With four class styles offered, Humming Puppy welcomes beginners who might prefer a ‘mellow hum’ through to the more experienced yogis looking for a more dynamic practice. What’s even cooler than the amenities offered here is the actual hum that resounds within the studio. That’s right, the name says it all. The brains behind Humming Puppy have teamed with one of the world’s leading acoustic engineers to inject a combination of frequencies to help enhance and deepen the experience. This frequency is by no means a mistake, it is, in fact, the frequency of the earth itself and helps to ground each yogi through their practice. Are you already booking your mat online? If not, you should be!

Hom Yoga

Surry Hills

One of the more recent additions to the Sydney yoga establishments, is Hom Yoga’s new Bourke Street studio. After much success at their Darlinghurst studio, the driving force behind Hom decided it was only fitting they began operating out of a second location. Known not only for their sleek and contemporary designed space, Hom have firmly established themselves as a studio based on the premise that allows anyone and everyone to reap the benefits from yoga. So no matter what your age, experience or fitness level, there are class styles tailored to suit your needs. Expect a contemporary, modern and minimalistic design combined with plenty of natural light and and the sweet scent of Wildfolk candles (one of Hom’s unique collaborations that we hope never ends), the place oozes zen and without even doing a single downward-dog you already feel like you could be Buddha’s distant relative.

Urban Yoga

Surry Hills

So they might have a few months under their belt (the opening was in December 2015), Urban Yoga’s focus is on helping yogi’s to become invigorated in body, clarified in mind and nourished in being. Not your standard studio, Urban Yoga has certainly mixed things up a little in the yoga scene, changing the way we perceive mindful movement. Their intent was to bring about unconventional and unique practices by offering the world’s first sensory immersive yoga experience. The music is specifically curated for each class while visuals are projected on a giant screen at the front of the room—it’s like Vivid but in yoga form. The idea is to allow people to fully immerse themselves into practice and retreat from their reality for the duration of class. They also offer an Urban Warrior class which is explicitly for guys only, as they focus on targeting male-prone problematic areas.



Really getting in touch with the soul roots of yoga, COMMUNE.Yoga is a stand out among studios in Sydney who are really putting their yogic mindfulness towards creating a space that is truly for everyone. The minds behind COMMUNE.Yoga—a co-working rustic styled warehouse space—have the belief to bring people together while encouraging initiatives that ‘do good for their hood’. Ironically, the exact translation of yoga is union, and that’s just what these guys are succeeding in. By establishing their new donation based yoga studio, targeted specifically to those struggling with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, their goal is to make yoga accessible to those who need it most and ultimately unite people from all walks of life while embracing the yogic movement.

Modo Yoga Sydney


Still newbies to the Sydney yoga scene, Modo Yoga Sydney in Rosebery is predominately a hot yoga studio but does also offer unheated classes, meditation and yin yoga. Drawn from traditional yoga roots with a therapeutic twist, Modo Yoga is heated to 37 degrees (the same as our natural body temperature) to help deepen and detoxify while you flow through a sequence consisting of around 30-40 poses, designed to stretch and tone the entire body. Thy and Carlo, the Sydney studio owners are passionate about bringing about a unique and positive experience to the yoga community. Eco-conscious, the studio was built with the intent to remain environmentally friendly. The space is showered in natural light, includes top-notch facilities and combines minimalistic designs with earthy tones to bring a tranquil and healthy environment for their dedicated yogis.

One Hot Yoga

Potts Point

Originating in Melbourne, One Hot Yoga & Pilates is a world-class, contemporary space that boasts one of the healthiest and cleanest studios by using state of the art heating technology that enables temperature regulation for each room. Split over two levels, the fit-out exposes warm timbers, a polished concrete floor, white backdrops and floor to ceiling mirrors, all of which maximise the use of space and help to create a calming atmosphere. Quickly becoming known as Sydney’s number one yoga sanctuary, One Hot Yoga offers 100 classes a week ensuring accessibility to even the busiest of yogis. Owner Lucinda Mills truly believes in mindful movement and by combining both yoga and Pilates, the studio boasts the ability to provide strength, mindfulness and deep seated empowerment to all who visit.

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Image Credit: Federica Portenso at Urban Yoga

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