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Top 10 Sydney Bars For Post Mumbrella360 Drinks

By Anna May
28th May 2015

best rum bars melbourne
best rum bars melbourne

Image credit: Nicola Sevitt, Tanya Lee, The Smoking Panda, The Lobo Plantation and Palmer & Co.

Let’s face it, we know the post-conference booze-up all too well. And because we never like guests in our fair city to miss out on fun times (and responsible drinking), here is our list of Sydney’s best bars for post-Mumbrella360 drinks. 

And they’re all a quick stroll from the venue, because after two days of note taking and networking, we know a cold glass of something will be required. Pronto.

The Lobo Plantation

Clarence Street

This is one for those who like their cocktails made with love, and filled with rum (i.e. everybody). Top of our list of the best bars in Sydney, The Lobo Plantation will blow you away with their beautiful décor and delicious cocktails. There’s the grapefruit lavender fizz for those who like a long drink (and it comes with a rubber duck, so…), or the Coco’s old fashioned when you need something strong. Peckish? Grab yourself a serve of piping hot, flaky empanadas for good measure. 

How far: 4 minute walk from Mumbrella360

The Rook

York Street

When there are heaps of craft beers and a lobster-centric menu on offer, you know good times are guaranteed. So, give your brain a break and tuck into an Endeavour Reserve while you sink your teeth into The Rook's lobster and bacon roll. You won’t regret it.

How far: 4 minute walk from Mumbrella360

Zeta Bar

The Hilton

What? You’re shattered and don’t want to walk anywhere so just put a drink in your hand right this second? Ok… geez. Zeta Bar is actually inside The Hilton, and they have all the goods required to take the edge off. 

How far: A few floors up from Mumbrella360

Palmer & Co.

Abercrombie Lane

Sure, you might have to work a little harder to hunt this speakeasy-style bar down, but it’s worth it to make your way down the stairs and park yourself at a table while the swing band plays. With an incredible prohibition-style layout, staff clad in flapper-style attire and enough drinks to get you good and merry, Palmer & Co. really is the place to be on a chilly Sydney winter evening, so grab your Mumbrella360 crew at settle in for the long haul.

How far: 11 minute walk from Mumbrella360

The Barber Shop

York Street

Did you spend the day admiring the haircuts of the dudes on the podium and hankering for a beer? Of course you did; Wippa has an enviable mop. Naturally, the Sydney bar scene has combined the two and come up with The Barber Shop, where the guys can get a dapper haircut or a hot towel shave along with their cold beer, after a long day of sitting down. If you trimmed in prep for Mumbrella360 (course you did) head straight to the bar and buy yourself a round. You deserve it, you magnificently coiffed bastard.

How far: 4 minute walk from Mumbrella360

The Smoking Panda

Park Street

Do you ever stop and think, “You know what? There are just not enough drinks that come with beef jerky or donuts on the side”? We hear you. Happily, we discovered Smoking Panda, which serves up pretty much any wacky cocktail you can think of (especially if you’ve thought of a cocktail served with a stick of bubblegum fairy floss). Don’t pretend you’re not intrigued: get yourself stuck into their crazy libations, now—you’ve earned it.

How far: 3 minute walk from Mumbrella360

Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice

Hunter Street

Look, you’re going to end up there anyway, so why not just accept it and head straight to the scene of your future crimes? Grab a couple of Frankie's cold beers, a decent selection of pizza and the crew you’ve formed at Mumbrella 360, and make sure you’ve found a place to settle in for the evening, things could (read: will) get big. 

How far: 11 minute walk from Mumbrella360

Stitch Bar

York Street

After a long day of using your brain, you need a bar that will do the thinking for you, enter Stitch. And with a cocktail named “Elegantly Wasted”, or ‘The Boilermaker’, with a beer and a whisky, we think there will be a high chance of good times all around. 

How far: 7 minute walk from Mumbrella360

York Trading & Co.

York Street

Whenever we find ourselves at York Trading & Co., we simply instruct them to bring us a vat of red wine and leave our troubles at the door. Of course, you could be a little more dignified and dabble in one of their delicious libations: word on the street says their barrel-aged maple manhattan is the stuff of dreams (and so Mad Men).

How far: 6 minute walk from Mumbrella360

Mojo Record Bar

York Street

It’s one of the best small bars in Sydney, so Mojo Record Bar is an excellent spot to kick back and enjoy some tunes while Creative Director Steve downs a few cocktails and starts requesting Lady In Red. An excellent place to let your hair down and enjoy a few, ahem, dignified tipples.

How far: 6 minute walk from Mumbrella360

Looking for more?

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