Where To Find Sydney’s Best Hot Dogs

By Anais Bethuel
13th Aug 2014

It's true. We're HUGE fans of hot dogs here at The Urban List. There's something about a sausage in a bread roll that we go nuts for. Don't ask, that's just how it is. We know many of you Urban Listers feel the same way, so we've put together a list of some of Sydney's best hot dogs. Hot diggity dog!

El Loco | Surry Hills

If you haven't tried El Loco's famous Excelsior hot dog then you're not doing yourself any favours. Think grilled pork Frankfurt served on a soft bun topped with pickled jalapeños, pico ge gallo, mayonnaise and lots of cheese. And for under $10, you might have some cash leftover for a taco (or one of their famous margaritas).

Stitch Bar | CBD

Our pals over at Stitch Bar serve up a range of delicious hot dogs for your eating pleasure. Feel like getting a bit fancy? Try the 'Mack Ducky Dog', a duck, orange and pistachio sausage with the choice of foie gras de canard (that's duck pate) and truffle sauce. We're excited just thinking about it!

Mr Crackles | Darlinghurst

The hot dogs at Mr Crackles are called 'big dogs' for a reason. They're big. Add toppings like chilli con carne, pickles and crispy pork crackling and you've got yourself one mean hot dog. Mr Crackles is your go-to Oxford Street destination for a late night snack or your run-of-the-mill hot dog cravings.

Snag Stand | CBD

Sitting inconspicuously in the food court of Westfield Sydney, Snag Stand is a must visit for any hot dog lover. With artisanal hand crafted sausages and a range of exotic flavours from all over the world, these hot dogs are a little haute.

Harry's Café de Wheels | Woolloomooloo

Harry's Café de Wheels has been in the hot dog game for over 70 years, so it's no surprise they know how to make a good one. With four variations to try, Harry's Café de Wheels' hot dogs consist of Continental Viennese smoked frankfurts served with your choice of mushy peas (to fill our veggie quota, right?), spicy chilli con carne, fresh grated cheese and garlic onions.

Brooklyn Social | Surry Hills

Brooklyn Social is serving up some of the best American diner food in Sydney. Beyond Southern fried chicken and their meaty burgers, Brooklyn Social's hot dogs are well worth your time. We love the 'Pig Dog' with slow cooked pork shoulder, red cabbage slaw, aioli and Brooklyn sauce for a bit of kick.

Chanoma Café | CBD

Say konnichiwa to this cute Japanese style café that's serving up crazy Japanese fusion hot dogs and matcha (powdered green tea) drinks and desserts. For under $7, you can choose from a great range of hot dogs including the teriyaki chicken dog with a deep fried chicken sausage (oh my!) that's been drizzled with teriyaki sauce and sits on a bed of chopped cabbage. At Chanoma Cafe it's all a little Japanese and it's all very good.

The Soda Factory | Surry Hills

If you haven't tried one of The Soda Factory's classic gourmet hot dogs yet, you should. These all-American style hot dogs not only have awesome names (we're looking at you 'Fats Domino' and 'Johnny Drama') but are damn good too. On Tuesdays there are dollar dogs all evening, so you can get your hot dog on for cheap.

Image credit: Coupon Clipping Cook

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