Bowled Over | 6 Healthy Breakfasts In Sydney

By Lucy Cook
19th May 2015

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Image credit: Nicola Sevitt for Porch and Parlour

Some of us aren’t morning people, and when it comes to breakfast we want maximum ease, taste and health all in one go, so thank goodness breakfast bowls are now a thing. Fill them with kale, fruit, acai or quinoa – we’re down for whatever, but these are Sydney’s best breakfasts that come in bowl form.

Small Bar & Kitchen

Kirribilli, Crows Nest
The search for a mouth-watering breakfast on Sydney’s north is over! The original breakfast bowl for health lovers (or just anyone that enjoys delectable breakfasts) was, of course, the acai bowl. And Small Bar & Kitchen offer one that is unquestionably delicious, whether it's at their Kirribilli or Crows Nest location. The bowl of blitzed berry super food is topped with fresh fruit, granola and shredded coconut, so you’ve got your fresh, your crunch, and your tang in every bite. 


Potts Point
We love Sydney café, Marcelle. It’s friendly, relaxed and full of delicious things thing start your day right if you find yourself in Potts Point. The Green Brekkie Bowl here is stacked with kale, broccoli, soft-boiled egg, salmon, capers and toasted rye, ticking all the boxes for your protein, good fats and greenery. We know it sounds delicious, but it’s also a steal at only $13! We know where we’re heading this weekend.

Porch And Parlour

Bondi Beach
If you dream of quinoa and kale and have #cleaneating acknowledged by autocorrect, then you’re going to love the Green Breaky Bowl from the Bondi hotspot Porch and Parlour. For less than a twenty-buck note, you’ll get kale, spinach, quinoa, coriander, mint, parsley, eggs and avocado to start your day right and have bundles of energy to spend the morning Instagramming your photo of it.

Bread And Circus Wholefoods Canteen

The good folks at Bread and Circus Wholefoods Canteen know what’s what, so when they call a dish ‘The Super Bowl’ you know it’s going to be good. And oh how good it is! Biodynamic yoghurt sets the base for strawberry, pear, passionfruit, banana, toasted coconut, fresh mint and maple syrup, a totally fresh and delicious bowl of fruity goodness we can get behind.


Can you get any more paleo than eating something called ‘The Caveman Bowl’? Probably not. But paleo or not, this 100 per cent healthy bowl from Darlinghurst cafe Proteini is a delicious and full bowl to crack into, with roasted pumpkin, kale, meatballs, protein bread, beetroot relish and turmeric dressing. It’s packed with flavour and is going to fill you up for a very long time, music to our ears.


Double Bay
Buying food from Aboutlife, you know that it’s going to be full of stuff that is good for you, so good for you that you might be able to justify trying both types of breakfast bowls they have on offer. Or you could just come back another time. Both are good options. The first is a vegan scrambled cauli bowl served with kale pesto, spring wellness bread crumble, zucchini, kale and a side of avocado. If you’re not vegan and love a good poached egg, then the very pretty edible garden bowl is what you want, with spring wellness bread crumble and black tahini soil topped with two oozy poachies, tahini dressing, sprouts and pickled veg.

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