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Where To Go Rock Climbing In Sydney

By Millie Hilton
9th Apr 2018

best places rock climbing sydney

No doubt there’s a thirst for adventures of the vertical (and sometimes upside-down) kind in Sydney. If chalking up, climbing all the walls, belaying, and harness wedgies sound like your thing, we think you’re in need of a rock-climbing day out.

Whether you’re looking for a new fitness outlet, a new weekend adventure, or what we’re all really here for—laughs (let’s be honest, we’ve all been stuck at that glorious 10 metre point with basically nothing to hang onto and probably a few tears too), then strap yourselves in, literally.

Here are the best places to go rock climbing in Sydney!


St Leonards

No surprise, Climbfit is our go-to when it comes to belaying and channelling your inner Spideman for long periods of time. Basically, if you’re keen to go HAM on overhangs, roof climbs, ladders (including the famous log ladder), cargo nets, ropes and monkey bars, this climbing playground was made for you. This place has over 160 climbs for you to conquer (or at least try to) and new routes are set up weekly!

Nomad Bouldering Gym


Ok so, with the “no harness” thing aside, Nomad Bouldering Gym really can do no wrong when it’s the largest bouldering gym in the Southern Hemisphere. Cue the ginormous bouldering arch, 2D curves, suspended campus and pegboard, as well as a 40-degree system wall. And the best news is, you don’t even have to be a pro because you’ll be burning all the kilojoules and having all of the fun while you’re at it.

9 Degrees


So if you haven’t guessed, bouldering is really in right now. That means you’ll need to reschedule your standard spin class or gym circuit and prepare to chalk up those hands. 9 Degrees has over 140 climbs on a 4.5 metre wall that varies in angles. There are several kinds of terrains to climb on and different kinds of holds and modules attached to the wall in all shapes and sizes. And yep, we can confirm, the floor is soft AF (so falling off is actually fun, but still embarrassing).

The Edge

Castle Hill

If there’s a place to channel your inner Bear Grylls, it’s The Edge. With a massive warehouse decked out in high ropes courses, indoor caves, vertical log challenges, bouldering, lead climbing, abseiling and a rappelling tower, let’s just say all you adrenaline junkies are well catered for.

Climb Oz


We don’t even know where to begin but we might start with the seriously awesome rope ladder you can race up with the rest of your friends. This one’s definitely a climber's heaven and even if you’re not so blessed in the strength department (and the sound of chalking up your hands and strapping yourself tightly into a harness doesn’t sound like your kind of jam), we guarantee at Climb Oz it will be.

Trees Adventure


Okay, so it’s technically not rock climbing but let’s be honest, if you’re up for a little adrenaline, heights, and some good old fashioned climbing feels, Trees Adventure is the kidult playground you won’t want to miss. Complete with sky-high ladders; log runs, mid-air barrels to crawl through, flying foxes, nets, rope swings and tree houses to climb up. The best part? There are varying levels so whether you’re already terrified, or just ridiculously excited, this one’s for you.

Indoor Climbing Gym

St Peters

The OG of indoor rock climbing (yep, we’re talking the first everrrr in NSW and the largest in Australia), Indoor Climbing Gym has over 2900 square metres of wall. For the seasoned pros, there are 50-degree overhangs plus a 4.5 boulder wall if you’re brave (crazy) enough to climb without ropes! But don’t fret beginner rock climbers, this joint caters for all.

The Climbing Centre


Got all the gear but no idea, or maybe you don’t have any of the gear either? Don’t worry, the team at the Climbing Centre have everything you need to ace your climbs, from a fully stocked gear shop, safety and climbing lessons to gym facilities as well. With 100 climbs to choose from, plus a brand spanking new unassisted boulder wall, the challenges here are never-ending. 

Rather eat sweets than climb? This one's for you.

Image credit: Igor Ovsyannykov

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