Where To Take A First Date Based On Their Star Sign

By Phoebe McRae
17th Jul 2017

Soooo you’ve finally landed yourself a date (well done) and now you need to impress the pants off somebody who could potentially be ‘the one’. Whoever the lucky lady or fella, the last thing you want to do is take them on a date they hate, and no matter what you wear, how you do your hair or the fact that you showered will impress them if you take them somewhere that sucks.

Lucky for you, the matchmakers at Macquarie Centre know how to impress, so we’ve teamed up with them to give you your best shot at a second date. And it has everything to do with star signs. Virgos doing karaoke? Never going to happen. A Pisces rock climbing? Hell no. Follow this totally legit astrology-meets-dating guide and thank us later when you’ve found true love. You’re welcome.


Best First Date: Dessert

There’s a lot to be said for someone with a sweet tooth—they are always SO happy and really, really kind—and Aries are no different. Whether you opt for an Insta-worthy Aqua S ice cream or challenge each other to a Hokkaido tart eat off, these confident kids go weak at the knees for a spontaneous sugar high.


Best First Date: Cooking Class

The oh-so responsible Taurus are as practical as they are stubborn, so let their hands do the talking with a cute AF cooking class. From the food of love (aka Italiano) to the sustenance of the gods (Greek food, duh), DIY together and bond over your lack of blending skills.


Best First Date: Coffee

If you only take one thing away from this nifty dating guide, it’s to keep things simple with the Gemini crowd. These gentle souls have the ability to talk to a wall so all you need to do is find a cosy spot at your local café (think Missing Piece vibes) and chat away the day.


Best First Date: Home Cooked Meal

Sometimes, you have to go all out, and this sometimes usually involves a Cancer. These god-damn demanding but super-creative humans are about as emotional as people get, so give them alllll the best date feels with a home cooked meal and copious amounts of candles.


Best First Date: Burgers

Leos might be notorious for their fondness of expensive things (aren’t we all) but give them a burger and they’re happy little Vegemites. Treat them like royalty at Burger Project and knock their socks off with alllll of the milkshakes and fries they could ever dream of. Remember, milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard… Just sayin’.


Best First Date: Picnic

Ohhhh Virgos. Such little worry warts. Ease their nerves with a laid-back picnic at a hidden beach or quiet park (with a view, obvs) and don’t forget the cheese from Inlakesh. Extra points for pâté.


Best First Date: Ice Skating

Make your way to Macquarie Centre Ice Rink and let a Libra loose on the ice for a seriously good time. Whether you’re as elegant as a swan or a total klutz, there’s bound to be bruises and a whole lot of LOLs. Holding hands is a given.


Best First Date: Cocktails

If you’ve bagged yourself a Sagittarius you’re in for a hella good time. Grab a seat at Hattrick and make your way through the entire cocktail list, while schmoozing your potential soul mate with great banter.


Best First Date: Yum Cha

You can learn a lot about a person at Open Kitchen Yum Cha. Can they use chopsticks? How many dumplings can they handle? Did they wear stretchy pants? Are they going to eat that last spring roll? While Capricorns are known for their self-control, it can all fall apart at Yum Cha and you, dear reader, will be there to catch them.


Best First Date: Bowling

There’s nothing like a little healthy competition to pull at the heart strings, so get as corny as you can get and take your Aquarius night bowling at Macquarie’s Strike. Don the dorky bowling shoes (you can judge them on their sock choice) and show off your mad ball skills (or don’t) but please, please, please, do not yell indecencies at them if you lose.


Best First Date: Movies

Take a Pisces to the movies and you’re setting yourself up for major snuggle time. These cuddly koalas are all about romance so choose the scariest movie there is and scream your way through it together. If you realllllly like them, stop being so stingy and splurge on Gold Class.


Best First Date: Sports Match

Going to a sports match for a date might sound like a bad nightmare to some but to others it’s a dream. Opt for something a little different and impress your new friend with an action filled ice hockey match, total winter wonderland style. But, be sure to provide snacks – ain’t nobody want to deal with a hangry Scorpio after dark.

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Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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