20 Places To Get Your Winter Carbs On

By Brooke Harrison - 16 Jun 2016

best restaurants in sydney for winter
Chester White Cured Diner

Potts Point, NSW 1 Image

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Mentmore & Morley

Rosebery, NSW 1 Image

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Barista & Cook

Waterloo, NSW 1 Image

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Nelson Road Tuck Shop

Bondi Junction, NSW 6 Images

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The Stuffed Beaver

Bondi Beach, NSW 1 Image

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Ramen Ikkyu

Sydney, NSW 1 Image

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North Bondi, NSW 1 Image

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White Taro

Surry Hills, NSW 1 Image

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Smoking Gun Bagels

Woolloomooloo, NSW 1 Image

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Paramount Coffee Project

Surry Hills, NSW 1 Image

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Napoli Nel Cuore

Redfern, NSW 1 Image

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The Milk Bar by Café Ish

Redfern, NSW 1 Image

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Brooklyn Depot Burgers & Brew

Surry Hills, NSW 1 Image

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Firefly Bar & Dining

Neutral Bay, NSW 5 Images

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Rushcutters Bay, NSW 1 Image

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Cook & Archies

Surry Hills, NSW 5 Images

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Bloodwood Restaurant & Bar

Newtown, NSW 1 Image

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Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously

Surry Hills, NSW 6 Images

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Ballers Polpetteria

Enmore, NSW 1 Image

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Rushcutters Bay, NSW 1 Image

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Bulking for winter. It’s a thing. And no, we’re not talking about some sort of exercise fad. 

‘Cos that cold weather got you burning energy by the minute, we feel it’s only appropriate to go into full carb loading mode. Now is no time for shame. Put your comfy pants on, maybe even undo that top button and prepare to indulge. It is winter afterall and there's plenty of time for green juice detoxing when spring hits. So, to get you through the coming months, here's a list of Sydney's top 20 restaurants where you can get your winter carbs on. 

  1. Chester White: Spaghetti served out of a truffled pecorino cheese wheel. Need we say more?
  2. Mentmore and Morley: Yes, you can have bolognaise for breakfast. Well, it comes on toast… with poached eggs. No judgement.
  3. Barista and Cook: Their grilled mac ‘n’ cheese toastie has us reminiscing about our poor uni days but damn, it is that good.  
  4. Nelson Road Tuckshop: While we’re still on the topic of toasties, the four cheese toastie with truffle oil really is the best thing since sliced bread.  
  5. Stuffed Beaver: The Classic Poutine. Cheese, chips and gravy. If that isn’t carb loading, we don’t know what is. 
  6. Ramen Ikkyu: With 16 types of soul-warming ramen on the menu, you can stock up for the winter.  
  7. Shuk: the chicken schnitzel sandwich with their house made aioli is worth every carb filled bite. 
  8. White Taro: The flame grilled marinated chicken baguette with a side of chips. Good luck walking and not rolling out of here. 
  9. Smoking Gun Bagels: All of the bagels. Seriously.
  10. Paramount Coffee Project: Three words: Maple. Bacon. Gravy. The buttermilk fried chicken waffle is where it’s at.
  11. Napoli Nel Cuore: The Rustica pizza with potato. Cos that’s some good carb on carb action right there.
  12. The Milk Bar By Café Ish: Their bullshit bacon cheese classic burger is bullshit good. 
  13. Brooklyn Depot: Who knew consuming carbs could lead to paying tribute to an old classic? The fugeddaboudit burger with a side of Garbage Fries gives Al Pacino a run for his money. 
  14. Firefly: Why stop at one meal, when you can have plenty? The deluxe sharing banquet (that’s full of carby goodness) might just send you into winter hibernation. 
  15. ACME: Coffee Fettuccini—the lovechild of two of life’s little pleasures. 
  16. Cook And Archie: Break your fast with their fluffy ricotta hotcakes.
  17. Bloodwood Newtown: Polenta chips with gorgonzola sauce. Polenta is like corn, so it’s good for you right? 
  18. Haven Specialty Coffee: The sweet and savoury awesome kimcheese waffles will blow your mind. 
  19. Ballers Polpetteria: Meatballs on polenta, mash or spaghetti. Carbs, carbs, carbs.
  20. Popolo: The Amalfi gnocchi is only a starter... then there’s pizza, more pasta, dessert... you get the gist. 

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Image credit: Barista and Cook

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