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You Can Now Be In The Titanic Movie IRL

By Ange Law
22nd Aug 2017

titanic exhibition

The Titanic movie is coming to real life. We’ll just let that sink in. If you’ve ever dreamed of drawing Rose like one of your French girls or kicking it (ahem) in the back of a vintage car with Leo, then this is your chance. In the first installment by Beyond Cinema you’ll be transported into the movie and straight onto the RMS Titanic—you’re excited, aren’t you?

Picture this—an entire boat transformed into the Titanic doing loops around Sydney Harbour. It’ll be fully decked out, from the first class dining room to the bar (yes there will be cocktails) and a few familiar faces roaming the vessel. This is your chance to act out your wildest fantasies (within reason, obvs) and really get amongst one of the best movies of all time (don’t fight it—you know it’s true). They'll also be playing the movie, just to really get you in the mood.

Naturally, you'll want to book your tickets STAT so head here

The details

What: Beyond Cinema, The Titanic
When: Sunday 28 January, 5pm - 10pm
Where: Sydney Harbour
Cost: $75 - $189

There's still time to check out the Titanic exhibition too, FYI.

Image credit: Titanic

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