Let’s-A-Go! | Real Life Mario Kart Is Coming To Australia Very Soon

By James Shackell - 06 Feb 2018


How did it take people so long to think of this idea? Seriously.

The headline pretty much says it all with this one. There’s a company that’s bringing real-life Mario Kart racing to Sydney and Melbourne. What does that even mean? It means real go-kart racing while dressed as your favourite Mario Kart characters (shotgun Koopa Troopa).

There’s also going to be stars along the course, which you’ll need to collect to win prizes. No word yet on banana peels, red shells or the dreaded lightning bolt—but we live in perpetual hope.

Tickets for the races are ‘extremely limited’, so you’re gonna need to sign up ASAP. Dates and details are sketchy at this point, but you can throw your name in the digital plumber’s hat over here.

Start your engines, guys. This one’s gonna be big. 

Image credit: Keith Tsuji/Getty Images

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