Perth’s Best Potato Everything

By Annalise Bolt
13th Sep 2017

Ah, the humble potato. It may be plucked from the dirt but this versatile veggie is the ultimate crowd pleaser. Whether you’re in need of a winter warmer, a cure for that killer hangover or something a little more exotic, a potato dish will satisfy those hunger pangs. If you’re a lover of spuds (AKA human) then put on your fat pants because we’ve rounded up our fave potato dishes in Perth.

If you’re a lover of spuds (AKA human) then put on your fat pants because we’ve rounded up our fave potato dishes in Perth.

Patatas Bravas | Pinchos


No authentic tapas experience is complete without this delicioso dish—paprika potatoes with tomato and aioli. You’ll be tempted by plenty of potato goodness on the menu at Pinchos, especially their cracking Spanish omelette (pun intended and no, I’m not sorry).

Millionaire Fries | Clarence's

Mount Lawley

I still don’t really know what truffle is but I know it tastes damn good. These fries at Clarence's are coated in truffle oil and parmesan. Sit in the courtyard, order a bevvie and and dig in.

Hand Rolled Gnocchi | Three Coins Italian Trattoria

Mount Lawley

This pasta at Three Coins is made fresh daily and comes with slow cooked lamb ragu and the all-important parmesan. If you’re partial to a drop of red (or a bottle, no judgement) order their Pinot Nero—it’s excellent.

Poutine | Baby Mammoth


PSA: Once you try this, you will no longer be satisfied with an ordinary box of gravy and chips. Hailing from Canada, this dish will quickly become your favourite comfort food with fries, gravy and house made cheese curd. Wash it down with a brew from Baby Mammoth's extensive beer list.

Potato Pizza | Old Lira


Get around this satisfying feed at Old Lira. Potato, radicchio, ricotta and mozzarella are served up on a freshly made sour dough base with a white garlic sauce. If you think eating pizza without meat is a cardinal sin, then add prosciutto.

Chips | Five Bar

Mount Lawley

You may salivate when you order this winning combination of chips with blue cheese, bacon and walnut dip. If you’re feeling like something exotic you can order the Bora Bora chicken curry loaded fries with coconut cream and pineapple sauce. Well played Five Bar, well played.

Batata | The Hummus Club


Potato, batata. You will love The Hummus Club's Middle Eastern twist on the classic roast potato. They’re served crisp with a spiced salt and garlic toum. Yum.

Gnocchi Della Casa | Pappagallo


Simple but delicious. The freshly made gnocchi at Pappagallo is good enough to rival your nonna’s with fresh basil and a Napoletana sauce.

Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes | Bread in Common


Bread in Common can do no wrong and this dish is no exception. Roasted in duck fat and rosemary (AKA potato’s best mate), these spuds have got to be the ultimate winter warmer.

Bangers & Mash | Mayfair Lane

West Perth

Who doesn’t love some good pub grub? This classic is served with caramelised onion gravy and onion rings at Mayfair Lane. Must be enjoyed with a pint of beer. 

Potato Rosti | La Veen Coffee


La Veen's house made rosti comes with all the good stuff—poached eggs, avocado crème, beetroot remoulade, truffle oil and beetroot liqueur as well as a choice of smoked salmon or pan-fried mushrooms. It’s both gluten and dairy free. Bonus points if you squeeze this feed in before work.

Moussaka | Estia


Get a little Greek and enjoy Estia's hearty moussaka, filled with lamb, potato, zucchini, eggplant, tomato and béchamel sauce.

Sweet Potato and Smoked Fetta | Old Faithful Bar & BBQ


Don’t even try to tell me that sweet potato ain’t potato. No visit to Old Faithful is complete without a big serve of BBQ meats, and this is the perfect side.

Sheppard’s Pie | Fibber McGee's


This pie from Fibber McGee's is a giant serving but trust me you won’t want to share. Mrs Beeton’s original 1861 recipe calls for dry-aged mince, royal blue potato mash with soda bread. It’s best washed down with a pint of Guinness (if you can’t stomach it, try it with blackcurrant).   

Sweet Potato Rosti | Betty & Daves


If you’re trying to be healthy but can’t give up the bacon (welcome to my club), this is the dish for you. It’s Betty & Dave's sweet potato rosti served with chargrilled bacon, two poached eggs, shaved asparagus and a rocket salad with coconut yoghurt.

Dirty Fries | Holy Smokes


Get down and dirty and dig into these hand-cut fries topped with mac & cheese, BBQ beans, sour cream and spring onion. It will induce some serious heavy breathing, especially if you add pulled pork or beef brisket. Holy smokes, indeed.

Potato Taco | El Publico


Taco ‘bout a good feed. Anything on the menu at El Publico will make you very happy (yep, even the fried crickets) and this dish is no exception. It comes with potato (surprise, surprise) plus serrano, avocado and queso oaxaca (cheesy goodness of the Mexican variety).

Chilli Cheese Fries | Varsity Burgers

Nedlands and Northbridge

This tastes as good as it sounds—beer battered fries with chilli con carne and cheese whip from Varsity. Am I the only one that’s ordered a serve on UberEats and snacked on them in bed? Yep… okay, never mind.

Eggs on Fire | Little Guildford


This is for those that like their brekky with a delicious kick. Soft poached eggs on chilli and corn potato cakes with spinach, spicy sauce, jalapenos and greek yoghurt. Little Guildford wins again.

Potato Pizza | Neighborhood Pizza

Mount Hawthorn

This is a killer combo with sweet potato, potatoes, rosemary, feta and maple syrup on a bianca base. With its industrial décor and long communal tables, Neighbourhood Pizza is perfect for groups. Even better, it’s BYO so don’t forget your fave bottle of vino.

Massaman Curry | Dusit Dheva


This dish needs no introduction. Enjoy slow cooked beef blade, fresh Massaman curry paste and sweet potatoes in a fine dining setting at Dusit Dheva. Dessert is compulsory.

Crispy Potatoes | Shadow Wine Bar


You know what they say about Shadow—go for the wine, stay for the potatoes. Or is that just me? These perfectly crispy potatoes come with a generous serving of salsa verde which you'll want to eat by the spoonful. 

Garden Fries | The Garden


Holy chip! These fries from The Garden may be basic but they’re certainly not boring. Share with mates but be prepared to order a second serving. Once you have one chip with aioli, you’ll devour the whole bowl.

Sweet Potato Wedges | V Burger Bar

East Victoria Park

Served with a sweet twist, these wedges from V Burger Bar are yummo. They’re sprinkled with parmesan and icing sugar and served with aioli. Don’t worry—just because it’s sweet, doesn’t mean you have to skip dessert.

Gnocchi | Cantina 663

Mount Lawley

This gnocchi with lamb shoulder ragout and truck loads of flavour from Cantina is the bomb. It'll gnocch' your socks off.

Triple Cooked Potatoes | No Mafia


The triple cooked potatoes at No Mafia are what potato dreams are made of. You should also try the gnocchi while you're there.

Potato Salad | Side Door BBQ


This classic shouldn’t just be left to your mum. It’s the perfect pair to Side Door’s melt in your mouth barbequed meat.

Mash Potato | Meat Candy


We all know you can’t eat finger lickin’ fried chicken without a side of mashed potato and gravy at Meat Candy. Some might say it’s a mash made in heaven.

Aloo Bhaingan | Mother India


Tasty and vegetarian, this Indian dish at Mother India has potato with fresh eggplant in a masala sauce. If you’re hungry (or more likely overexcited by the menu) the banquet is good value.

Sweet Potato Fries | De Ja Vu Tapas


Sweet potato means it’s healthy, right? This dish from De Ja Vu is a little dainty, with sweet potato fries and a lemon myrtle aioli.

La Rambla | Get Chips or Die Frying

Food Truck

You’ll need a napkin for this one. The chips from Get Chips or Die Frying are topped with albondigas (Spanish style meatballs) in a tomato sauce with chorizo and parmesan shavings.

Sweet Potato And Quinoa Fritters | Barchetta


Just because it’s guilt free doesn’t mean it won’t fill your belly. The fritters at Barchetta come with lime yoghurt, grilled halloumi, black sesame seeds, avocado and rocket. You can (and should) add poached eggs. It’s also gluten free.

Duck Curry | Sauma


This is a rich and satisfying serve of duck curry with coriander seeds, dry chilli and fennel tempring, spicy rajisthani sauce and kipfler potatoes. No wonder I can't get enough of Sauma.

If you're looking for more potato goodness click here for our fave hot chips in Perth.

Cantina 663 | Image credit: Emma Bryant

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