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$250 Moisturiser—Is It Worth It?

By Ange Law
10th Apr 2018

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Ah, the age-old question: how much can I spend on skin care without people judging me? First of all, you do you. Second of all, we’re going to suggest that you figure out what you want your skin to be—brighter, more hydrated or more youthful, for example—and go from there. 

As for us, well we took another route. We decided to go straight to the top, taking the Omorovicza Intensive Hydra-Lifting Cream for a test drive and giving you the verdict. Disclaimer: two TUL writers took this bad boy out for a joy ride, so we can assure you that we gave it a solid, red hot go.

Let us break this one down for you—if you’ve got the cash lying around and you’re feeling a bit extra, then sure. Go for it. We personally think you’re totally worth it. But if you’re looking to target specific issues and a $250 moisturiser just isn’t in the budget, then take a read of this article because we’ve got you (yes, all of you) covered, no matter your goals, what your budget is, (and most importantly) how extra you are. 

If You Need Hydration

The Intensive Hydra-Lifting Cream is no doubt super hydrating—not only is it in the name, but it’s in the rich and creamy consistency of the actual cream. It’s also packed with hyaluronic acid and if you know anything about skin (or follow as many beauty experts as we do), you’ll know this is a good thing. In short, hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring polysaccharide (AKA carbohydrate) In the body that’s also a moisture-binding ingredient that’ll keep your skin plump and young-looking. 


If You Need To Brighten 

We’re sure you’ve definitely heard people throwing around heavy-hitting words like dewy, bright and glow when it comes to an ideal skin situation. And while we know you can obviously fake it with killer products that give you that lit-from-within glow (hello Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light, you babe). These moisturisers will help your skin achieve the coveted glow without the cosmetic help, but please, no one make us give up our highlighters.

If You Need To Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines

This one is pretty self-explanatory because all we really want is a wrinkle and fine line-free face that’s plump and ridiculously youthful-looking, right? Right. The Omorovicza Intensive Hydra-Lifting Cream uses super high-tech ingredients to tighten the skin’s surface like natural polysaccharide and to remodel the surface of the skin with an amino-acid dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline (AKA a collagen-filled weapon). Here are a few other options with high tech and science-backed ingredients, plus another super-luxe option too, for the ballers.

If You Need A Little Bit Of Coverage

Having glowing, beautiful, hydrated and generally fabulous skin is life (it might even be everything), but what if you need just a smidge of coverage? You’ve come to the right place because this gal loves a bit of tinted moisturizer (with SPF, always) and a dusting of Hourglass Dim Light as a base. Talk about a subtle I-just-woke-up-like-this glow. Also, you’ll be killing it in the skincare game because this is skincare that just happens to have a bit of coverage—your skin will thank you (and us) for it. 

Note: These ones are all around the same price (so sue us), but they’re also tried and true winners in our eyes.

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