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Hair & Beauty
Salomé Nail Spa
Hampton, VIC

There's regular beauty salons...and then there are beauty salons that treat you… Read More +

Willow Urban Retreat
Armadale, VIC

We all know the benefits of wellbeing, but nowhere in Melbourne is combining… Read More +

All For One
Yarraville , VIC

The wellness trend right now is definitely holistic health. A little bit of… Read More +

Why The Hell Is Everyone Talking About Intermittent Fasting?
By Esté Swanepoel - 12 Jul 2018

We’ve all grown up being told breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that we absolutely must eat every three hours and… Read More +

Love Athletica | Hawthorn
Hawthorn East , VIC

So you want the LA look? That toned and tanned greyhound bod that looks like a fusion… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
The Best Skincare Products For Adult Acne-Prone Skin
By Ange Law - 06 Jul 2018

If there’s one thing we’re passionate about here at The Urban List (besides eating our body weight in food and knocking back… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Ottoman3 Brow Bar
Maribyrnong , VIC

Are your brow’s looking more like second cousins rather than sisters? Look no… Read More +

We Put Australia’s New Herbal Hangover Pills To The Test
By James Shackell - 04 Jul 2018

For years we’ve been told by Science, “There’s no magic cure for a hangover. Only time shall set you free.” Well… Read More +

9 Super Zen Places To Meditate In Melbourne
By Emma Maidment - 04 Jul 2018

As far as health trends go, meditation is basically the new kale (in case you're wondering, kale was the new Juice Cleanse).… Read More +

I Am That Yoga
Collingwood , VIC

There’s a lot of misconceptions floating around about yoga. First, that… Read More +

These Sneakers Are Helping Save The Ocean
By Ange Law - 02 Jul 2018

Bear with us for a moment team, we’re about to get serious. If you’ve been watching the news lately (or, you know, ever)… Read More +

This Melbourne-Born Activewear Label Is Made From Recycled Fishing Nets
By Chelsey Johnston - 26 Jun 2018

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble, you're probs aware that our planet is…well, look, we haven’t exactly been… Read More +

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