Health & Beauty

Bodhi & Ride | South Yarra
South Yarra, VIC

Offering unique, fun and immersive ride classes designed to not only challenge you… Read More +

Defy Gravity At Melbourne’s New Huge Indoor Skydiving Wind Tunnel

Ever wanted to experience skydiving but not particularly keen at the thought of hurtling towards the ground at 250km per… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
5 Of Melbourne’s Best Sustainable Beauty Salons

If you’re keen to beautify a little, but don’t want to hurt the environment, we’ve got you covered. Melbourne has a… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Where To Get The Best Spray Tan In Melbourne

If there is one topic I feel a level of expertise writing about, it’s spray tans. Taking after my Irish ancestors, I’m basically… Read More +

Upstate Studios | Balaclava
Balaclava, Victoria

It’s no lie that the demands of everyday life are becoming increasingly… Read More +

Collingwood, VIC

With sophisticated designs created to the highest quality using fabric suppliers from… Read More +

Health & Beauty
Carlton, VIC

Escape from your hair nightmares with Carlton's newest, highly Instagrammable… Read More +


Gone are the days of trying to get through a workout without being asked what your… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Bat Your Lash
Prahran, VIC

Stepping away from the traditional, clinical salon interiors, Bat Your Lash feels… Read More +

Art & Design
9 Of Melbourne’s Best Tattoo Studios To Get Inked At

Tattoos aren’t just for bikers and hipsters anymore. And with tattoo studios now almost as common as fish ‘n’ chip shops,… Read More +

Food & Drink
Trash Is For Tossers | A Simple Guide To Going Plastic-Free

Let’s chat about breaking a dirty, little habit. No, we don’t mean your daily 3pm chocolate binge, we’re talking about… Read More +

The Best Places To Go Indoor Rock Climbing In Melbourne

Whether you're trying to avoid the cold winter rains or the beaming warm sun, you're always on the hunt for indoor activities.… Read More +

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