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Alfred’s Pizzeria. Small Bar | The Verdict

By Anna Franklyn
3rd May 2016

I was perhaps a little over excited walking into the new American gangsta themed Alfred’s Pizzeria. Small Bar. From one of my all time fave Perth bars Frisk, I had high hopes for Alfred’s and I wasn’t disappointed.

From the bright neon sign to the dingy stairs to the mug shot photo wall, the entrance alone is pretty awesome.  But just wait until you actually get down to the bar. The smell of the pizza and the ultra-themed fit out had me feeling like I’d strolled straight into Little Italy.

Specialising in cocktails and cognac, they’ve got all the classics like Negronis, Manhattans and, my personal favourite, the Dark & Stormy, plus bottles of cognac worth more than I earn in a month. The rest of the drinks list is equally impressive with some killer gins (no surprises there), a beer list longer than my arm and a mighty fine wine list to boot.

So whaddddabout the pizza? Well it’s freaking delish! These guys are using only the best of the best ingredients and you can tell. They blend the flour in house and let the dough sit for 48 hours which means light fluffy—and easily digestible for the semi-glutards out there—pizza bases. Top that with tomato sauce from Napoli (the tastiest of sauces), fior di latte (the tastiest of pizza cheeses) and all of your fave ingredients and you’re onto a winner.

Not usually one to get excited about a four cheese pizza (sorry), I kinda loved the Suzi Quatro— provolone, gorgonzola, mozzarella and feta. It wasn’t overly gorgonzola-y which I appreciate as a non-blue cheese fanatic. The Frisky—rocket, prosciutto and truffle ricotta—and the Michaelangelo—pepperoni—were equally as tasty.

Every slice we tried was seriously amazing, and the names are just about as good as the taste. The ultimate pineapple-on-a-pizza hater, I’d seriously consider giving this one a go just so I can ask for the Aloha F*ckers. There’s also the Mos Eisley for the Star Wars geeks, which is loaded with prawns, zuchinni and cherry tomatoes #nom.

The best part about this place? They’ll be doing pizza by the (giant) slice for a measly $5. Can you think of anything better than a big slice of pizza to go with your after work drinks? Didn’t think so.

Want to know the location, opening hours, and all the details? Find Alfred’s Pizzeria. Small Bar in the directory!

Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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