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Here’s How You Can Foster A Furry Friend And Liven Up Your Self-Isolation

By Elise Cullen
5th Apr 2020

Sure, talking to a real-life human may well be the antidote to self-isolation during these wild times but what follows as a close second—before talking to yourself—is talking to (and snuggling) an adorable, furry companion.

It’s been proven time and time again that owning a pet not only improves your mood but your overall happiness too. But despite how insanely cute they are, pets—especially cats and dogs—are not a short-term thing. If you really want a pet but can’t commit to caring for one indefinitely, fostering one might be the rewarding answer you never knew you needed. And now, while you’re probably spending more time at home than you ever have before, it could be just the right time to start looking into it.

So, to help you maintain your sanity and give back while quarantining, here’s where you can foster a pet in Sydney.


The RSPCA is synonymous with animal welfare and it’s most likely the first reputable place that springs to mind for many—and rightly so. RSPCA NSW’s Foster Care program is an easy and enriching way to provide a temporary home for animals in need. Whether an animal is waiting to be adopted into a permanent home, recovering from surgery, struggling with animal shelter stress or too young to be adopted, they’re suitable for short-term foster care.

As a potential foster candidate, all you have to do is follow their simple four-step process and you’ll be well on your way to fostering a furry friend in no time.

Greyhounds As Pets

Greyhounds are often misunderstood with people assuming they need loads of constant exercise when in fact, it’s quite the contrary. Many greyhounds can sleep up to 20 hours a day and only need around 15-20 minutes of daily exercise, making them the perfect companion to foster during self-isolation.

Dubbed Sydney’s most flexible Greyhound fostering program, Greyhounds As Pets provides racing greyhounds with a home for six weeks to ease their transition to life as a pet, giving them a compassionate start to the rest of their long, happy life.

The Cat Protection Society

Launched in 1958, The Cat Protection Society is a reputable small group of people dedicated to finding suitable homes for stray cats, and their foster care program is an essential component to helping their furry felines. A rewarding way to enjoy some time with cats and kittens when you can’t commit to long-term adoption, the foster program allows compassionate cat lovers to help stray or abandoned cats become well-socialised and ready for adoption.

The charity is often inundated with people wanting to foster, so be sure to check in regularly if there are no foster cats available.

Pet Rescue

Providing a safe and nurturing environment for homeless pets until a permanent home is found for, Pet Rescue is a go-to refuge for when you want to help save a life of a pet in need. Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds—you name it, Pet Rescue’s foster program caters to anyone’s wants or needs no matter what their situation or space. Depending on the pet you wish to foster, you can welcome an adorable self-isolation companion into your home for a few weeks right through to a few months. The hardest part is, of course, saying goodbye to them after the fostering process but if you fall deeply in love and can’t give them back, Pet Rescue also provides the means to help you adopt them for good.

Guide Dogs NSW

Probably one of—if not the—most selfless animals, Guide Dogs help humans with impaired vision to get around their communities safely and independently… but who helps the guide dogs when they’re in need? Well, that’s where you can step in.

At seven weeks of age, Guide Dog NSW puppies require volunteer Puppy Raisers to help them grow and understand the way of the world for the first vital 12 months of their lives. If you consider yourself a caring and patient person with a loving home and 12 months up your sleeve, you could very well be the perfect Guide Dog Puppy Raiser. If 12 months is a little too long, you can also apply to be a Temporary Carer for when the Puppy Raisers go on holidays. Giving back while raising a puppy? Sounds like a win-win to us.

DCH Animal Adoptions

Rescuing and finding a nurturing home for dogs, cats and horses, DCH Animal Adoptions is committed to helping neglected animals in need. Like many animal adoption centres, DCH is forever on the hunt for foster carers, providing gorgeous animals with a loving and safe environment until a permanent home is found. With an abundance of cats and dogs ranging from small to big—and everything in between—DCH will inspect your property and living situation first to ensure the animal placed in your care will suit your lifestyle and space. But be warned, it’ll be nearly impossible to give them back.

Animal Welfare League NSW

Successfully rehoming over 2,000 animals per year, the Animal Welfare League NSW is the perfect place to lend your time and home if adopting is off the cards for now. Boasting over 60 years experience and a broad variety of animals including cats and dogs, the Animal Welfare League not only finds suitable homes for animals in need, but it also investigates and combats animal cruelty. If you’re looking for a rewarding experience with a long-lasting legacy, the Animal Welfare League is where it’s at. 

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