Perth’s Best Pimped Up Smashed Avo Dishes

By Ella Liascos
22nd Mar 2017

Avocado—it's the lavishly expensive breakfast staple that millennials can’t get enough of. Dubbed Australia’s national dish, what was once simply avocado on toast has escalated to pimped up proportions thanks to the addition of delicious goodies like balsamic tomatoes, minted peas, salsa verde and so much more.

We already told you about all of these amazing smashed avo dishes, but with just about every cafe doing their own version we thought it was high time we brought you a few more of our fave pimped up smashed avo dishes in Perth. 

Tuck Shop | Breakfast Bruschetta


This little number has been going strong since the Tuck Shop opened its doors and it’s really no surprise. The combination of bacon and avocado on their breakfast bruschetta gets even better with the addition of a poached egg, goats curd, tomato, basil and balsamic glaze—it’s truly to die for.

Propeller | Za’tar Flatbread And Smashed Avocado

North Fremantle

No menu is complete without the presence of avocado and Propeller has learned this the hard way, because while they may have tried to take it off their menu in the past, it seems to have snuck back on due to popular demand and we’re glad it has!. They serve theirs on a za’tar flatbread fresh out of the wood fire oven and top it with avo, tomato, fontina cheese and dukkha. 

The Other Side | Smashed Avocado


Confirming there is indeed a God, The Other Side’s very affordable $14 smashed avocado on toast has become the locals’ fave dish and they probably go through just as much avo as coffee beans. With a  hefty chunk of avocado and peas on a thick slice of toast with goat’s feta and a side of chilli salt, it’s no wonder we’re obsessed.

Ootong & Lincoln | Smushed Avocado

South Fremantle

A ‘smushed’ twist on your average smashed avo, Ootong & Lincoln make their own linseed toast that takes this smashed avo to a new level. Served with feta, tomato and olive oil and topped with a whole heap of yummy seeds, you’ll be very glad you came.

Satchmo Cafe | Toast With Trio

West Perth

These guys famously paired up with UberEATS to bring your favourite dish to your doorstep after the avo-mortgage debacle, but we reckon Satchmo's avo toast is best enjoyed in-house. For a NY-Jewish-soul-food inspired twist on the classic smashed avo, they do theirs in a trio with avocado crush, goat's curd labne and onion chilli jam served on rye or sourdough.

Gusto Food | Avocado Smash

South Perth

Who doesn’t love a place that generously stacks your plate to the nines all for the same cost as any other breakfast joint. At Gusto Food, you’ll get your avocado smash topped with generous ribbons of crispy bacon, roast cherry tomatoes and sprinkled with sunflower seeds and balsamic glaze.

Beaufort Local | Crumbed Egg Smashed Avo

Mount Lawley

They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and while it never needed fixing—the guys at Beaufort Local have decided to raise the stakes anyway, topping their smashed avo with crumbed soft boiled eggs, coriander and feta salad to make a good thing even better.

Jack And Jill | Smashed Avo


The crew at Jack & Jill pimp their avo by adding heirloom tomatoes, goats feta, a perfect poachie and prosciutto. Yes. While this little gem might not be all that close to home for most, it's well and truly worth the drive.

Duck Duck Bruce | It's Not Easy Being Green


The names of the dishes at Duck Duck Bruce are reason enough to go, but if you need further convincing, the smashed avo with minted peas, goats feta, preserved lemon, sumac and pomegranate might just do the trick.

Someday Coffee Co | Carrot Hummus And Avocado Toast


We know, we know, we can't stop raving about Someday Coffee Co, but this is hands down one of the best breakfast dishes we have eaten this year. It is simple and wholesome and hits the spot every single time. Served with lemon, herbs, and dukkah and a side of house-pickled onions, it's perfect as is, but it never hurts to add a poached egg, does it?

Tiisch | Avocado Toast


Tiisch mastered the avo/hummus combination when they opened their doors last year and we've been craving it ever since our first bite. A generous dose of hummus topped with an even more generous dose of avo and a poached egg. The clever team here also recommends adding some of their delicious crispy bacon. Just yes.

Doric Street Cafe And Kitchen | Smashed Avo


Doric Street Cafe and Kitchen do a delish smashed avo complete with fresh tomato salsa, feta, a delish roasted mushroom and a poached egg for good measure.

Coco + Boho | Smashed Avo


Coco + Boho opened their doors in Spearwood and let's just say the locals were very happy! Their smashed avo comes with poached eggs, balsamic tomatoes (drool), salsa verde and Danish feta. 

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Duck Duck Bruce | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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