7 Essential Dishes To Order At This Japanese Restaurant

By Florence Tan
16th Dec 2015

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sake best japanese in Sydney
sake best japanese in Sydney
sake best japanese in Sydney
sake best japanese in Sydney
sake best japanese in Sydney
sake best japanese in Sydney
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sake best japanese in Sydney
sake best japanese in Sydney

Meal-envy—it’s happened to the best of us. And somehow it occurs at the worst of times. You’ve just gotten a flat tyre, you’ve broken up with your significant other, someone ate the last donut. And just as you thought you’d treat yourself to a delicious meal you suddenly find yourself looking at a sad plate of wilted greens while your supportive friend across from you gets served a delicious bowl of golden goodness. How dare they!

While you really can’t go wrong ordering at either Saké restaurants (a couple of Sydney’s best Japanese restaurants), it’s time to turn the tables and score them ordering goals every time you visit (which will be often because did we mention the food is deeelicious?).

Open for lunch, whether you’re trying to impress the client at their location in The Rocks or are taking it easy in Double Bay, the next time you pop in for lunch at Saké keep in mind this guide of what to order at one of Sydney’s best Japanese restaurants. 

#1 Popcorn Shrimp

When these little pockets of fried delights hit the table, you’ll find they’re all gone before you can down your first Sapporo. Crazy popular, the popcorn shrimp is coated in a wonderfully light tempura batter and comes with a creamy spicy sauce. More and more addictive with every morsel—you’ll probably end up ordering another serving they’re so good. If you’re looking for a drink to match this with, check out the newly introduced Coedo range of Japanese beer.

#2 Sushi Moriawase

You can’t be touted as one of Sydney’s best Japanese restaurants and not have some rave-worthy sushi. Try a little bit of everything with their sushi moriawase: a combination plate that’ll please the masses. With tuna, salmon and kingfish amongst other Japanese classics, it’s simplicity at its best.

#3 Tuna Tasting Plate

Proof that good things come in threes, the tuna tasting plate shows off that pink flesh in three iterations: a roll, taco and tataki. Taking what is a Japanese favourite and reenergising it for contemporary palettes, this one really demonstrates the creative genius of Saké’s chefs. Each style of tuna comes in a pair, so it’s the kind of dish that’s perfect for two. Thirsty? Ask for cocktail suggestions. There’s a new menu and they’re all excellent

#4 Lunch Bento Set

If you want a dish that does it all, the lunch bento set will leave you well and truly satisfied. Each box comes with sashimi, steamed rice, miso and the house salad. The rest is up to you with your choice of either lamb chops, vegetable and prawn tempura or U8 King prawn robata. And it wouldn’t be a well-rounded meal without dessert, which comes in the form of a kalamansi sorbet.

#5 Caramelised Miso Cod

If there was a dish that perfectly summed up Saké, it would be this one. Elegant and refined, the caramelised miso cod just flakes away and balances that salty-sweet divide with expert finesse. Paired with beautiful shimeji mushrooms, it’s a dish that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser and can be ordered to takeaway from their Double Bay location. 

#6 Braised Shortrib from the Robata

Delivering just the right amount of smokiness, the robata is one of the centrepieces of this Japanese restaurant. Using a Japanese binchotan charcoal grill, the braised shortribs have an insane depth of flavour that has me licking my lips just thinking about it. The addition of truffle keeps things rich while the spring onions maintain the freshness of the dish.

#7 Grain-fed Wagyu Teriyaki

One of Saké’s signature dishes, the grain-fed wagyu teriyaki elevates the Japanese staple to new heights. Think melt-in-your-mouth beef coated in a sticky, rich teriyaki glaze. And in even better news, this one can be pre-ordered for takeaway from both their Double Bay and The Rocks restaurants.

Image credit: Jackielyn Powell

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