Sydney’s Best Cheese Menus

By Sophia Richardson
4th Aug 2017


You all know there are a lot of seriously great cheese experiences in Sydney. Today we want to have a little chat about the crazy good restaurants with entire menus dedicated to God’s greatest gift—cheese. We’re talking the best of the best cheeses from Ireland, Wales, Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands, all available right here in Sydney, and all just waiting for you to come find them. Well, what are you waiting for? Here are the best cheese menus in Sydney.

The Stinking Bishops


If you’re an all ‘round cheese fanatic who likes to dabble in all forms of le cheese, The Stinking Bishops in Enmore have a cheese menu you’re guaranteed to love. From white moulds to goat’s cheese, semi-hard to washed rind, just take your pick. To top it all off, the cheese comes with a selection of Brickfield bread and Eskal Pickles so let’s be real—our mouths are already watering. 



Like owner and head chef Nelly Robinson, the cheeses at nel. hail from the UK and it’s nothing but the best for this fine dining spot. The current menu has seven cheese varieties on offer including a sheep’s blue from Ireland, cheddars from Bath, Tunworth white mould from Hampshire and washed rind from Wales. To avoid the struggle of selecting only a mere a few, you can simply choose all seven to taste for $37. The decision here is obvious, no? 

Continental Deli


For all things Italian and French cheese, we recommend heading over to Continental Deli in Newtown. Fair warning—you might feel overwhelmed with the cheese options here, so just hit up one of the cheese extraordinaires (aka your waiter) for all the deets. Otherwise Google translate may just become your new BFF. There are a whopping 18 options at this place and we recommend ordering anything involving the words pecorino and truffle. 

GPO Grand


If you like hard decisions, the GPO Grand has a 100-strong cheese menu and you’ll be right in your element. The menu is organised in regions (handy) and the wine flights pair each cheese with a wine (we enjoy this HUGELY). Prepare thy stretchy pants and start working your way through this extensive and impressive cheese menu, but take friends because you’ll want to try one of everything. 

If you're searching for Sydney's most OTT cheese board, read this.

Image credit: Ben Tyers

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