9 Short Courses To Make You A Better-Rounded Adult

By Emilee Colasimone
20th Mar 2017

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Back in the 1800s, people were judged by potential suitors on the ‘strings to their bow’; whether you were an expert horse rider, accomplished at needlepoint or could play Minuet in G on the harpsichord could really make or break your love life.

These days, hobbies or talents don’t count that much when finding a suitor, but can be very helpful when trying to gain more Instagram followers and/or appearing more interesting at dinner parties.

Here’s a list of 9 brilliant short courses in Brisbane you can take to make you a better-rounded and more insta-worthy individual. Who doesn't want that?

#1. Get Your Hands Dirty—Make A Minature Garden!

Rose and Heart Florist offers courses in the Victorian art of terrarium making. These mini glasshouses are all the rage and well-suited to those who don’t consider themselves a green thumb (us, then). They also have other classes in kokedama and poesies—just watch your skills of yours flourish!

#2. Dance With Purpose And Get Fit At A Dance Class

Hit the barre in some tights to relive your primary school twinkle-toes days. The Queensland Ballet runs beginner and intermediate ballet classes, as well as ballet for seniors. Train your body to move with the grace of a swan, as opposed to the grace of a baby elephant.

#3. Make The Kitchen Your B***h Then Apply For A Spot On MKR

Think of how good life would be if the food in your Instagram feed didn’t just look great, but tasted just as great. Learn to cook at The Golden Pig, who serve up courses in everything from Thai classics to Spanish tapas—even a kitchen essentials course!

#4. Have Your Cake And Eat It Too On A Cake Decorating Course

On the flipside, learn how to make all your baked treats look as sweet as they taste. Try your hand at a butter cream bunny, sugared flowers or the perfect cupcake at Lollypop Cake Supplies. You’ll be an Australia’s Greatest Bake Off champion in the making, just you wait and see.

#5. Actually Learn How To Use That Exxy SLR Of Yours

Ain’t nobody got time for out-of-focus ‘meh’ pics that you’ve tried to disguise with a filter. Blue Dog Photography have a beginner’s workshop in digital photography and even if you have a fancy camera that you don’t know how to use, they have a course for that too.

#6. Master Your Backhand With A Tennis Lesson

With tennis lessons from the coaches at the UQ tennis courts, you won’t be taking Bernard Tomic’s place on the Davis Cup team anytime soon, but you might be one step closer to triumph over your best friend who has beat you ever since grade nine sport.

#7. Become A Dab Hand At Sewing

If your mum or grandma completely failed at teaching you how to sew, it’s never too late to learn. Needlefruit Sewing Lounge will have you sewing up cushions and dog beds, and (maybe) even a jumper or scarf in no time… Baby steps, folks.

#8. Get To Know Your Favourite Drop With Wine Classes

Despite what you may think, drinking wine isn’t really knowing wine. So enrol in a class at The Wine Emporium and take your knowledge from BWS to cellar door. The hard part might be choosing which class to take.

#9. Put Pen To Paper At A Writing Workshop

Ever thought you might like to pen your memoirs one day? The Queensland Writer’s Centre can help you hone your ‘craft’ with writing techniques for both story and creative writing. They have courses in-person, or online. Get in quick because they book out fast.

Image credit: Connor Betts

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