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Get Buttered Up With A Six Pack Of Crumpets From Wholly Crumpets

By Ranyhyn Laine
23rd Apr 2020

Two toasted crumpets on a plate, with melted butter dripping off the top

If your isolation breakfasts have consisted of a whole lot of granola and toast, it’s time to change things up. Our suggestion? Crumpets. And before you start worrying that we’re going to tell you to source some yeast and make them yourself, like the great sourdough baking epidemic of March 2020, let us ease your mind—we’ve found someone who’ll do it for you.

Wholly Crumpets are the legends behind the crumpets you once found being toasted up all over Brisbane, at cafes like Tuckshop Time, Morning After and Sister. But now, since the cafes have switched to takeaway, and transformed themselves into mini grocery stores, you can get your hands on entire bags of the things, with six packs available for $15 at a tonne of venues around town, ready for you to toast up to perfection at home.

Even better, if you live within 5kms of Moorooka (BRB, we’re moving), you can get them delivered to your door, together with a six pack of cold brew coffee. Day. Made. Empire Coffee are the crew providing this service, and you can find all the delivery details on their Instagram page.

If you aren’t one of those privileged few, don’t fret—Wholly Crumpets now have a whole bunch of stockists, in literally every corner of Brisbane, so rest assured you can pick up a crumpet a little closer to home. Eat them with a coat of butter or honey, use them to jazz up eggs benedict or, hell, go all out and make yourself a crumpet breakfast burger.

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Image credit: Tuckshop Time

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