We Found The Fanciest Fairy Bread In Perth And It’s Amazing

By Mikaela Knight - 15 Dec 2016

Soft, buttery white bread loaded with hundreds and thousands—now that’s pure joy! Growing up in Australia, you'd know that no birthday party or picnic was complete without fairy bread.

Cupcakes, fruit kebabs and frankfurts would remain abandoned as soon as that sweet and colourful goodness hit the table.

Well, good news Perthlings! A pimped up version of our childhood fave is being dished up at The Heritage. Think butter soaked crispy brioche with brown butter ice cream and, of course, hundreds of 100's and 1000's.

Go forth and feel fancy AF while you enjoy your dessert with a glass of champers—now there’s something you wouldn’t have been able to do at a kids party. It’s time to let your inner child loose.

Image credit: The Heritage

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