How To Make A Mean Margarita, According To The Heir Of A Triple Sec Empire

By Sammy Preston
26th Nov 2018

Cointreau Margarita Recipe | Urban List

Alfred Cointreau is the sixth-generation heir to the epic triple sec empire that is Cointreau.

Born and raised in Angers in France, where the family still distils their iconic orange liqueur recipe, he knows a thing a two about cocktails, late nights and life at the bar.

He works as the heritage brand manager at Cointreau, protecting and promoting his family’s epic 143-year legacy—while travelling through the world’s greatest bars. Among his favourites areLicorería Limantour in Mexico City, and Baton Rouge and Copper Bay in Paris. He predicts we’ll all be drinking more “classic cocktails like the gin and tonic” in 2019, but his favourite drink (and the first he ever tried) is the margarita.

Here, he shares how to make it like a pro.

Alfred Cointreau’s margarita on the rocks

Lowball half salt rimed 
30ml Cointreau 
50ml tequila blanco
20ml lime freshly squeezed

Pour into a cocktail shaker and shake for 10-15 seconds. Strain into your lowball glass. 

Thirsty? Here's where you can drink a wattleseed old fashioned. 

Image credit: Cointreau. 

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