All The Best Places in Australia To Fly Your Drone

By Natasha Gamra
3rd Jan 2019

Australia is packed with big, bad, wide-open spaces perfect for a touch of drone flying. From the colourful reefs and rocky landscapes, let’s just say everything looks pretty damn hectic from above.

Maybe you’re road-tripping, maybe you’ve hit the 3pm wall at work and you’re here for the sky porn. We’re not judging.

Here are the best places to fly your drone in Australia.

And not to kill your buzz but there’s a heap of things to know before you let your drone rip, head here for the low-down on fly zones and regulations.

New South Wales

Mount Kosciuszko

If you’re trekking it to the tallest mountain in Australia, you might want to bring your drone with you for some incredible shots. Head over to the main range during winter and the footage you get of the snowy landscape will leave you speechless.

Dorrigo Mountain

Drive around six hours north of Sydney and you’ll head into Dorrigo National Park. Head over to the lookout and make sure your battery is charged because you’re not going to want to miss a second of this view. From waterfalls to mountain ranges, this place is perfect.


Grampians National Park

If you’re into mountain ranges and spectacular sunsets (I mean who isn’t?), then head over to Grampians National Park for a hike and a view that’ll blow your mind. Send your buddy flying over waterfalls and lakes to get that sweet shot.

Brighton Beach

Surprisingly, the only place in Melbourne that allows drones is also the most 'Gram-friendly. You can now capture those famous multi-coloured bathing boxes along with the gorgeous coastal views.


Whitsunday Island Reef

No doubt you’ve seen pictures of the ever-stunning Whitsundays reef, well what if we told you that on part of the island your drone isn’t restricted? Up north, you’ll find the whitest sand and bluest water imaginable.

Hinchinbrook Island

Pop on a boat and head out to Hinchinbrook Island for a little city escape. Bring your flying friend and capture the tropical vibes of the island with the connected Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea.


Bay of Fires

Of course, if you’re in Tassie, there’s no way you’re not visiting the Bay of Fires. Luckily for you, it’s also legal to fly there. Those bright red rocks contrasting to the crystal-clear water and white sand will make for the freshest footage.

Cradle Mountain

It’s hard to believe that in our backyard, only two hours away from Launceston, lies the serene Cradle Mountain. If you manage to hike those six hours up, then fly your drone across Crater Lake and the mountain range for an epic view.

Western Australia

Hutt Lagoon – Pink Lake

The most iconic lake in Australia is Hutt Lagoon, home to the bubble-gum pink water. Drone footage will capture the opposing deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean and honestly, this one is worth the trip.

South Australia

Kangaroo Island

You’ve got the whole of Kangaroo Island to choose your location. But we’re going to recommend the Flinders Chase to capture the iconic lighthouse. But honestly, it only takes three hours to get to the other side of the island. So, randomly drop a pin and drive.

Head of the Bight Lookout

Prepare yourself for some edge of the world views. The Bight Lookout is home to whale watching and epic cliff drops. If you aren’t interested, look at past drone footage online and we guarantee you’ll change your tune.

Northern Territory

Simpsons Gap, West MacDonnell National Park

The driest area of the country is home to some of the most spectacular desert views. Only a twenty-minute drive from Alice Springs, you don’t have an excuse to sit out now.

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Image credit: Sean Scott (DJI Mavic 2) | Josh Withers | Sean Scott (DJI Mavic 2)

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