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Sydney Now Has A Golden Gaytime Cocktail

By Ange Law
4th May 2017


Sydney suddenly has a Golden Gaytime cocktail and it’s literally the best news we’ve heard all month. At this point we have pretty much tried, tasted and devoured every single Golden Gaytime dessert in Sydney—but a cocktail? Now we’re talking. 

It’s all thanks to the bunch of genius minds over at Rocksalt Tapas & Wine Bar in Menai. We like to think that they sat down one day and thought, ‘what does Sydney need to cure their post-summer blues? A Golden Gaytime cocktail, obviously’. Just quietly, they were totally right. 

This cocktail is a creamy concoction topped with caramel and Golden Gaytime crumbs, so it’s the perfect mix of crunchy, creamy and every single dream come true. It won’t be sticking around forever so you better get on this one quick. 

Check out their Facebook page for all of the details. 

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Image credit: Streets

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