We Know Where To Get Halloumi Fries In Brisbane!

By Rachel Lay
15th Sep 2016

Halloumi Fries Brisbane

Holy smokes, you guys — something big has just happened in Brisbane. And by big we obviously mean that we’ve got very important cheese related news for you. Are you ready? Here it is: you can now get halloumi chips at the Yiros Shop, starting on September 24th.

Ahhhhhh. This is the best news we’ve heard in a while.

If you are new to the halloumi chip, think little sticks of halloumi fried to crispy-yet-gooey perfection and served up with dipping sauce and herbs. Yes, we told you, big news.

Keen to get your hands on them? Find the Yiros Shop out on The Directory.

Image credit: The Yiros Shop

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